This year we’re bringing you innovative, creative and unique learning opportunities that are sure to empower you to become a better woman before becoming a wife. Whether you want to be married today, tomorrow or 5 years from now- you can ALWAYS afford to improve yourself. Our entire program and all of our events are geared towards living healthy, wealthy & happy lives.  

We are built on a foundation of positivity, because we understand that faith creates opportunities. ANYTHING that you want can absolutely be yours, as soon as you’re ready to receive it.We pride ourselves on preparing well-rounded woman with resources for health, finance, business, meal planning and more! In fact, our organization was created by a single woman who realized she unprepared to take on the responsibilities of being a wife. You can read more of her story HERE.

Because we are the ONLY organization dedicated to preparing women to become wives, we’ve gotten tons of support from major influencers such as Rob Hill Sr., Tony Gaskins, Tom Joyner, Jacque Reid, Charreah Jackson, Patrice C. Washington and many experts, coaches and wives around the country. Be sure to read a few features and watch some interviews to learn more about our mission.

This year, you can choose the programs and classes that work for you. Whether you’d like to focus on fitness, entrepreneurship meditation or all around life skills, the choice is yours. In addition to the learning opportunities, membership includes (2) coaching sessions each month, a 6 week relationship readiness course and an invitation to our girl’s getaway!



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The Single Wives Club

The Single Wives Club educates, empowers and inspires single ladies to become better women before becoming wives by living happy, healthy, wealthy lives. We are the source for single women, providing information on health/wellness, fitness, fashion, beauty, dating, domestic management, finance, and spirituality.


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