#Thankful Thursdays

Would you like to increase happiness and satisfaction in your life? You may read this and say, “I am genuinely happy. I don’t need to increase it!” Or, if you’re honest you could read this with an open heart ready to receive joy. Regardless of how happy you may or may not be, there is always room to be grateful. What is gratitude exactly? Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. It is the willingness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
Gratitude welcomes positivity into our lives. According to Happiness Expert, Sonja Lyubomirsky, “practicing gratitude has been proven by actual scientists, to be the most reliable method for boosts in the feelings of joy, optimism, pleasure, enthusiasm, and more positive emotions.” It has also been found to improve physical health in individuals. Surprisingly, gratitude is essential to our well-being. When I say ‘Our’, I mean specifically women. Women, we are emotional creatures. No matter how you try to cover, hide, or hold back, we are emotional in different ways.

On January 8th, we will begin our journey to tap into positive emotions. Every Thursday at 8pm eastern, I will host a gratitude call. The weekly calls consist of 15-20 minutes of empowerment. You’d be surprised at what we could be grateful for! I’ve become a student of knowledge by immersing myself in reading and soul searching to ensure I bring enlightenment to you ladies. With that being said, I have an exercise to help you get a head start on boosting those positive, joyful emotions within you! Being a faith based blogger, I love to write and I have no problem sharing my gratitude. A great way to boost your happiness while boosting others, is writing a letter! That’s right ladies it is time to write a Gratitude Letter!

Gratitude Letter Exercise

Think about the people who have been extremely kind that you have not expressed appreciation to. You can choose anyone to write to: friends, family, and more. Address why you are grateful for the person you are writing and how their actions have affected your life. Give an update on what you’re doing with your life now and how often you remember his/her efforts. Seal it with love and deliver with a smile. Or, if you can’t deliver it to them mail it or email it to them.

I challenge you for the month of January to write one Gratitude Letter per week starting January 8th! That’s only four letters! January 8, 2015 embarks our new journey together! I can’t wait! You will not want to miss this. We will bond like never before. Talk to you soon!
Yours Truly,

Winnie Caldwell
Founder of The Wire Hanger By Winnie
“Hang Up Your Problems & Move On to Better.”


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