4 Things I Would Have Done Before “I Do”

Travel Abroad When you expand your family by having children, traveling abroad becomes very difficult if not impossible. It certainly has been an impossible task for my husband and me to accomplish! When you have children there are a lot…


Fall Getaway Dates For Two

We are officially in the full swing of fall. Depending on where you live this could mean chilly weather. When its cold and rainy outside we tend to not go out as much as we used to. There’s only so…

wine country2

Ready to Visit the Wine Country?

As the Fall season in the United States is upon us we will start to see leaves change colors and enjoy cooler temperatures.  Visiting wineries in the coming months is a great destination idea, whether it’s a day trip or…

Single Wife Life

Beach Babe 101

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince had the right idea, “Summer, Summer, Summertime.  Time to sit back and unwind.”  That’s the plan for me.  It’s going down on my beach vacation!  I’m ready to go, but need to be…

Single Wife Life

Beach Please

Picture From: wideeyedtours.com My favorite place on earth is a great beach. It’s such an amazing wonder.  The sand, the shades of blue water, the sound of the waves crashing.  Le sigh, I’m feigning for a beach escape just thinking…

Single Wife Life

Packing Light

  Picture From: telegraph.co.uk I am a total bag lady, one Over-packer Extraordinaire. For an overnight trip I would normally carry about 5 bags. Sounds excessive, but I like to be prepared for “what if” scenarios and my personal mood…


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