Top 5 Godly Girl Bosses To Follow On IG

    Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram timeline in search of inspiration, relationship advice, and spiritual guidance? Only to get distracted by your crushes selfie or trolling through your bestie TL for cute pics of you.Guilty.  Between all…

Dating + Marriage

Are You Still Dating?

So are you still dating? Dating…humph. The word itself lends to a notion of a temporary act. Much like talking, eating, or sleeping. Momentary. Brief. I could go on, but I’ll spare you. So after 30 plus years of living,…

Single Wife Life

3 Tips to Avoid Regrets

Throughout my life when faced with really tough decisions I’ll always contemplate whether or not regret will follow if I did nothing. Living with regrets is the one thing I refuse to do because it means to not live at…

Dating + Marriage

5 Toxic Dating Mistakes

Fall in love, they said. You’ll live happily ever after, they said.  Well, I’m not exactly sure who “they” are and why so many beautiful, intelligent, otherwise bad-ass women continue to listen to them but, they do.  I think it’s…


5 Reasons to Love Wives Who Brunch

The official mentors of The Single Wives Club, The Wives Society, brought the ‘Slay’ to Werk Pray Slay weekend in Atlanta, Georgia! Imagine an atmosphere created full ofencouraging women, big hats and a beautiful delectable brunch. Founder of The Single…


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