For the first time in WERKPraySlay history, we’re creating a customized conference experience for our guests! Because we all have different desires, it’s important for us to offer a variety of personal and professional development. After all, our goal is to create a community of well-rounded women! This year’s #BeYourOwnBoss conference features breakout sessions, from which you’ll be able to choose (3) to attend:

fade-leftfade-rightSession 1: Get-Your-Mind-Right

Getting Out of Your Own Way: How to Create Your Own Opportunities

In this workshop, Candice is going to help attendees understand WHY they may be getting in their own way and then identifying ways to create their own opportunities.

Money on my Mind: Changing the Way You Think About Money

In this WERKshop, Kristin will explore how your money mindset may be holding you back from propelling forward in your life and business. Plus, learn how to shift into an abundance mindset in order to attract more money, clients, sales, etc.

Marriage on my Mind: How to Create a Healthy Mindset for Love

One thing that is focused on by so many women is the way to get a man, and keep him.  As a result, women become very disconnected within, and begin neglecting self needs, and self love. After this WERKshop with Joanae, attendees will walk away with refreshed  thoughts on what it takes to have a healthy mindset when it comes to love and ultimately marriage.

fade-leftfade-rightSession 2: Get-Your-Life-Together

Flights + Fearlessness: Finding Yourself Through World Travel

In this workshop, Rachel will discuss the necessity, importance, and benefits of utilizing international travel (specifically as a solo woman) as a means of self-care, self-exploration, and pushing past your comfort zones.

The #GoddessGrind: Balancing Chakras + Manifesting Success

In this WERKshop, Rubi will focus on balancing your Chakras in order to manifest success in your personal/professional lives. Many people don't realize how the two work together. Giveaways will include a list of ways to know when your Chakras are unbalanced with suggestions on what to do to get them in balance.

A Life Worth Following: 5 Keys to Simply Passionate Living

In the age of social media there are tons of highlight reels that come across our timelines. Can you say that you are living, not just posting, a life worth following. In this session Precious will remind participants that persistence is essential when living a passionate life and that even the most successful people had to attempt their goals multiple times! 

fade-leftfade-rightSession 3: Get-Your-Business-Together

DIY PR: How to Be Your Own Publicist

This WERKshop, Jamillah will take attendees through the six phases of pitching themselves to the media. All business women have a story to tell and they don't need to hire a publicist to do it! Learn how to build brand awareness by landing story coverage with your favorite publication or broadcast media outlet.

Blogging 101: How to Increase Your Influence + Income

Ready to take your blog from passion project to profitable? Kyshira will teach you to how to establish brand influence and to create income streams with blogging. 

Power Partners+Business Besties: Building Creative Collaborative Partnerships

At the end of this WERKshop, Alechia to do the following: identify & create a relationship strategy to increase influence and achieve desired goals, articulate worth and value to develop asset-focused proposals, develop #lifehacks to build creative and collaborative relationships.

With such a powerful lineup of presenters, we are confident you will not leave the same way you came! Click the button below for more event details, sponsorship info and weekend passes.

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