Hi! I'm Koereyelle and I'm SO thankful that you stumbled across this page! However you landed here, you're here for a reason and I am confident you're going to receive everything you intend to when you replay the calls below. Listen in with an open heart, an open mind and a learning spirit. I decided to finally get these calls going because I see so many people self-sabotaging their success with a poor attitude and pessimistic mindset. With these weekly chats, you'll hear a new perspective and hopefully gain a healthier perception of the life God has for you!

I'm blessed to have you here! See you on next week's call!




May 18th | Fighting Fear, Finding Faith & Feeling Good

May 25th | Get in the Game & Prepare to WIN

June 1st | How dare you NOT live the life you deserve!

June 8th | Less Stress, More Success

June 15th | You Are What You Attract

June 22nd | Who's in the Driver's Seat?

June 29th | Get a Life!

July 6th | Don't talk about it, BE about it.

July 13th | Make space for miracles in your life!

July 20th | Success Requires a STRETCH

July 27th | What are you doing & who are you being?

August 10th | Put your pride aside

August 17th | D.A.R.E. to Dream

August 24th | Show Your SELF Some Love

August 31st | When "ride or die" Goes Wrong

September 14th | Own Your Happiness

September 21st | Don't Be Afraid to Share Your Shine

September 28th | Don't Be Afraid to Share Your Shine (2)

October 12th | Be Your Own Boss

October 19th | Ask, Believe, Receive

November 2nd | 5 Lessons from WERK Pray Slay

November 9th | The 3B Formula

November 16th | Where's my miracle?

November 23rd | Faith Creates Opportunities

November 30th | Light a Match + Let it go

December 7th | The Audacity to Complain

December 14th | Make Every Moment Count

December 21st | They Don't Know

December 28th | Say Goodbye & Keep On Going

January 4th | What to do when the vision doesn't match the view

January 18th | Know yourself, Know your worth

January 25th | Pray Then Prepare

February 1st | Q.U.I.T Your Job, But Don't Stop WERKin'