explore the mind of a man so you can attract the one you desire and deserve

That’s what she said…

I loved being able to hear a MAN's perspective instead of a boys. I learned that you should follow your instincts in a relationship like you would anything else.  I also learned that the law of attraction is defiantly real and that as woman we should carry ourselves in a respectful way.

Ashley W. , Chicago, IL

I absolutely loved the speaker's frankness. I liked how he told women what they did wrong, but not in a harsh way that beat us up (some of us are sensitive, lol). I like how he debunked myths​ but reassured us that our God-given intuition is usually right.

Brie H., Miami, FL

I loved this call!  I was encouraged and reassured and I truly appreciate your innovativeness.

Tears H., Los Angeles, CA

This phone conference was validation for me that I am OK, there is nothing wrong with having standards, and that one day, a man will see and appreciate me for who I am and who I am becoming. I loved it!

Cameryn R., Atlanta, GA