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The Men Over Boys Movement (M.O.B.) is something every single woman should adopt in this age. Times are changing and so are the men. With a M.O.B. mentality, a single woman can play her cards right in this dating game, obtaining a quality man and partner instead of some inexperienced boy.

Single Wives Club President, Koereyelle DuBose, created the movement after encountering a number of boys who displayed the same behavior. It was then that she decided to take a stand and encourage women to set standards and stick to them. In an interview with Koereyelle, she kindly shared her views on the MOB movement embraced by the organization, her experiences with men and boys, and valuable advice to women everywhere.

Bee: What does MOB mean to you personally?

Koereyelle: Men Over Boys is the new feminist movement.  To be a MOB Wife means that you have set standards for yourself and refuse to settle for less than you deserve.  For me, it means making my own rules instead of playing by ‘the rules.’


Bee: Tell us about a time you encountered a BOY and a time you’ve encountered a MAN. Were there any significant differences in the way you felt about each?

Koereyelle: I’ve encountered several BOYS, but most of them display the same behavior, use the same lines and have the same silly expectations. I’ve actually had boys tell me that they ‘deserved’ to have sex with me. The biggest sign that you are dealing with a boy is that he feels entitled to your body and he isn’t ashamed to make inappropriate comments because he’s not used to dealing with a WOMAN. The times I’ve dealt with MEN have been very different.  Men understand that dating is a process, in which you get to know each other. They understand that there aren’t any guarantees and they don’t feel entitled. In my experience, men make me feel feminine while boys make me feel like an object.

Bee: Do you think a woman plays a part in the attraction of a MAN or BOY?

Koereyelle: Definitely! You are what you attract.  You also teach others how to treat you.  By knowing your self-worth and setting standards for acceptable behavior, you eliminate the possibility of attracting a boy.

Bee: At what point, in your opinion, does a BOY become a MAN?

Koereyelle: I believe a boy becomes a man once he’s had his share of women.  I think guys definitely need to get their fair share of experience before they can fully mature and re-evaluate their outlook on love and relationships.  Once that happens (on average, after age 30) they have a newfound respect for women and are typically more upfront about their wants and needs and take a different approach to relationships.

Bee: Many believe that you have to go through a plethora of BOYs before finding your MAN. What’s your take on that?

Koereyelle: Agreed! I definitely agree that you have to experience the bad in order to appreciate the good.  There’s a lesson is EVERY experience and encounter to prepare you for what’s to come.  All we can do is try not to make the same mistake twice. Once you recognize you’re dealing with a boy, cut him loose and move on.

Bee: Whenever one hears BOY and the meaning behind it, they automatically associate it with negative adjectives and situations. Are there any pros to being with a BOY?

Koereyelle: For a WOMAN, there aren’t any pros to dealing with a boy.

Bee: What steps does a woman take to become a MOB Wife?

Koereyelle: The first step is to learn yourself. You have to understand and believe your worth before you will set standards for the men in your life. When you are unsure of yourself, you allow others to define you. The next step would be to clearly define those standards.  What works for YOU? Don’t try to live by someone else’s rules, create your own. And finally, the last step is to FOCUS ON YOU. When you are actively making an effort to become better, you will attract better.  Like attracts like, so if you are incomplete you will attract a boy every single time.  Once you begin your journey of self-improvement you will automatically begin recognizing men among the boys. Don’t settle. Always remind yourself that the MAN for you is worth the wait.

Bee: Any advice for a woman dealing with a BOY?

Koereyelle: LET HIM GO! If you can’t see yourself marrying him in the future, and your goal is to be married one day; it’s a waste of time.  There are ZERO benefits of keeping a boy around. Simply put a MAN, Meets All Needs and a BOY is a Burden OYou! Here are some simple ways to distinguish boys from men. If he fails to do ANY of the following, he is a BOY:

SPEND TIME WITH YOU– any man who is interested in establishing something real will want to spend time getting to know you, by courting you..real dates, real effort, no excuses.

TAKE CARE OF YOU– I don’t mean just financially, any man who’s interested in you will want to know that you are taken care of. He will go out of his way to make sure you’re ok.

PROTECT YOU– It’s a man’s natural instinct to protect his woman, this is the foundation of the male/female relationship.

CONTRIBUTE TO YOU– If you are pouring your energy into a new business or working toward a goal, your man will want to support and build it with you.

MAKE YOU HAPPY– A man who’s after your heart will go to great lengths to ensure your happiness.

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Bee: Let me give you a scenario: your best friend has been dealing with a BOY for years. She’s emotionally invested and strongly believes she can change that BOY into a MAN. The problem is — she’s been reciting that same line for years. She knows he’s not her “Prince Charming” but she loves him unconditionally. Should she stay or should she go?

Koereyelle: Every day that she spends with him is a day that could be spent with her husband. As long as you’re dealing with a boy, you leave no room for a MAN. Let him go, repair yourself and hold out for your MAN. You can’t marry potential, if he hasn’t proven himself by now, he probably won’t. From my personal experience, I ended up engaged to a BOY who did a very good job of pretending to be a man.  I call him Prince Charming, because he was just that- a boy who knew how to use his charm to get his way. Beware of Prince Charming; he’s just a cute confused boy! As soon as I realized what I was really dealing with, I had to let him go. A boy can do nothing for a WOMAN but cause her heartache.

Bee: Is there a MOB lifestyle for men also? Like, LOG (Ladies over Girls)?

Koereyelle: I’m here for the women so I can’t speak on a movement for men. However, one of the goals of The Single Wives Club is to nurture femininity and assist women in becoming the best they can be. A man will always recognize a woman amongst a crowd of girls.  Single Wives stand out because we carry ourselves as women. Whether men want to admit it or not, women set the standards in most relationships. Imagine if we changed our mentality and refused to put up with BOY behavior! Those boys would have to GROW UP and MAN UP. It’s up to us, ladies!

Are you ready to join the movement? Decide TODAY that you will no longer settle for boys, instead spend time preparing for your MAN. When you’re ready to represent the MOB, get your gear HERE.

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