Relationship Readiness

I get it. You're sick and tired of being single.

You're over the single life. You've had your fair share of girl's trips, attended enough weddings by yourself, created enough lists and you're FINALLY ready for some results.

Just a year and a half ago, I was in your position. It didn’t matter that I thought I “had it all together”. It didn’t even matter that I’d read every self-help/relationship/dating book I could. I was still single as hell.

It wasn’t until I really and truly got real about who I was, how I was showing up and who I needed to become that I got what I really wanted…my man! You wouldn’t believe that he’d been there all along. I literally “woke up” one day and this course is going to tell you how I did it.

What I did ended up being exactly what my best friend did, what my college roommate did and what I’ve heard from several other happy wives. So, after almost 4 years of talking to single women about who they are, how they show up in relationships and the BS they’re holding onto I finally got myself a formula! So, I combined my own theory, as well as the relationship theories from several books I’ve read AND tons of advice from happy wives to write the course.

If you’re ready to take action and get in the game to date with intention, then this is for you.

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