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Business + Finance

New Year; New Money Goals!

New year, new you; right? Well how about we include new money goals in the new year too?! With the new year we vow to have better eating habits, better workout habits, so why not better financial habits. Our financial…

vision board
Business + Finance

How to Make Your Vision Board Work

I know you are sick and tired of creating that same ol’ vision board year after year. If your goals haven’t changed, that means you haven’t accomplished much. So, to make the most of this year’s vision and show you…

Business + Finance

How I went from $150/day to $150/hour

One of my many side hustles is corporate training. Since my background (& degrees) are in education but I have no desire to be in the classroom, I’m sticking to the field but doing in an unconventional way. Today’s WERK consisted…

Business + Finance

So You Want to Date an Entrepreneur?

In control, powerful, focused, and calling all the shots. These are the normal attributes of the entrepreneur. To many, it sounds downright sexy. Why wouldn’t you be attracted to someone who is this sure of themselves? Everyone wants to date…

hidden colors
Business + Finance

Hidden Colors and Black Business

In the last two weeks, I’ve watched all 4 Hidden Color movies and my perspective on everything has totally changed. Although I have tons of emotions about it, I believe there’s only one solution that will further the development of…

Business + Finance

3 ATL Entrepreneurs Share WERK Wisdom

WERK 101, tour ends in Atlanta, with Glam Night Out! [Koereyelle’s final stop for her WERK 101 book] honoring the Fearless Female Entrepreneurs, Chef Ahki, Tahira Wright and Maja Sly with the WERKing Women of the Year award. The event was…


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