self care

10 Self-Care Tips for the WERKAHOLIC

Self-care is one of those topics we hear so much about. Many of us are working women with ambition, brands, side hustles, multiple streams of income and interests. At times, our competing priorities of true love, dedication, and affection are…


GRIT: A Must for Your Goal Digger Toolkit

Grit. Tenacity. Perseverance. Whatever name you want to give it, your goal digger journey requires that you develop an overflow of this decisiveness, strength of character, and commitment to purposefulness. No one ever said this life would be easy. In…

Dating + Marriage

3 Ways to Date Like A Queen

We are all queens in our respective ways with all our talents, skills, gifts, abilities, hips, lips, fingertips, and all our idiosyncrasies in between, that make us wonderfully and uniquely a QUEEN. But often times the dating scene and life,…


3 Steps to Self-Love and Fitness Goals

  Goals are amazing things and help you become the best version of yourself that you always desired to be,  on your path to self-love. They give direction, clarity, focus, and great pride once accomplished. But sometimes, in the pursuit of…