Iyanla Taught Me Self-Love

Iyanla taught me self-love. I would like to share with you what I now know about how I should show up in my next relationship. Ha! I would have never thought I would even reach that type of self-reflection. It’s…

Dating + Marriage

Are You Still Dating?

So are you still dating? Dating…humph. The word itself lends to a notion of a temporary act. Much like talking, eating, or sleeping. Momentary. Brief. I could go on, but I’ll spare you. So after 30 plus years of living,…

Dating + Marriage

Is Dating Transactional?

Is dating transactional? “Hey, sweetie.” “I miss you.” “I’m thinking about you.” “What you doing?” “Can I come through?” Bad. This is all bad. Ladies any combination of these texts is an entry into the danger zone. Is dating transactional?…

Dating + Marriage

Is Tyrese Throwing Shade?

“Shade” it ain’t so! So I know you have probably read and heard the latest rants from “Mr. Black Ty”,  Tyrese Gibson. So my question is… is Tyrese throwing shade? I often wonder what is going on when a man feels…