Lord knows I used to be ashamed of my credit.

It’s been a struggle of mine since the day I turned 18 and got scammed into my first credit card right on my college campus. Back then, credit reps would bribe us into applying for credit cards by giving us free Subway meals..crazy, right?

Well, it’s true.

Once I got approved for one card, it was on and poppin’. Before I knew it, I had cards for every store in the mall, even ones I didn’t shop at. I figured there was no reason to turn down free money. Silly me. Needless to say, my credit score plummeted because I couldn’t afford the payments and it took years to get it back on track.

One house and three luxury cars later, I’m finally starting to figure this thing out and recognize the power in credit. But, I also realized there’s a lot of little tricks that we just don’t know. This is where my girl Arnita comes in. She owns the fastest growing black owned credit repair business in the country and she’s really helped me get my credit back and track and into the 700s!

And you know me, I’m all about sharing the wealth. I want all of us in the 700 club where we deserve to be and this Q&A is going to help you get there! If you’re free next Sunday night, join us at 9pm EST (if you’re not we have an option for playback)

Ignorance is not bliss, especially when it comes to your credit! Grown women don’t make excuses, they make it happen…