Here we are, the first month of the first year! Time is moving, excitement is upon us and of course, we’ve all heard it before, the spring is the time where everything blossoms and it’ll come fast. I believe seasons change and shift as time moves. Seasons vary in length and can be tight or lucrative. Often, relationships change, promotions come, we close out old chapters etc., why? It’s essential because it’s the start of all things new. In order to receive the new, we must be prepared. New, requires us to be faithful and prepared; without it, we fail! Preparation is key to being able to receive the new in life because in order to receive new you must be done with the old.

Often, we become frustrated when we’re dealing with life’s issues. We wonder why we’re struggling, why our faith is being tested, why it seems as though we’re having to deal with past issues or even why we don’t feel as fulfilled in the current state we’re in. There’s no simple explanation, as it varies from person to person but one thing for sure is to know and understand that you’re being prepared. You may not understand what you’re being prepared for, but you’re certainly being prepared.

In your preparation you’re getting a better understanding of you, your situation, your inner self, etc. you are becoming a better person, friend, steward, servant, etc. and that is required for your new! There’s no way you’ll be able to maintain your blessing with underdeveloped muscles! We must get free of the complaining and griping during the preparation phase. Relate it to boiling an egg. It has to sit in boiling water for at least 12 minutes at minimum. It doesn’t matter the pot, stove, heat temperature etc. if it comes out too early, it’s undercooked. Upon first look, it appears done, but when it’s cut up, the yolk appears discolored, the consistency is off, and the taste is unbearable. Because during its prepared stage it was interrupted.. don’t interrupt your prepared stage because you’ll miss the new. Once missed, you’ll have to start the process all over again. So in this new season, endure your prepared stage because what’s ahead of you is great but only if you’re prepared!