Nola Darling is the epitome of how some women wish they could be but are afraid to do so. She comes off as being powerful, carefree, confident and honest, maybe a bit too honest for some. But it brings up the usual question about double standards. Should a woman be given the Scarlet letter for doing what men have been doing for centuries? Could this behavior keep her from finding her potential husband?

The conservative spectrum might say the lifestyle of a feminist expressing herself in that manner will definitely keep a woman like Nola from finding the love of her life. The way she lives her life sleeping with multiple people is frowned upon. Waiting for your one true love by being celibate would be the way to attract him. The aura from your locked up lady parts will bring him to you (cues sarcasm).

waiting for sex

The opposite side of the spectrum will argue that you need to test drive the car before purchasing. As long as you are protecting yourself what is the problem. Nola wasn’t out here posting who she was sleeping with. She made discreet moves around outsiders while still making sure to be completely honest with the people she was sleeping with. Why should this be looked at as a problem, as long as no one is getting hurt?

Like some men, one person just didn’t have everything Nola needed. She yearned for more. So she acquired pieces from each person thus creating HER perfect match. Women are becoming the aggressor more and more as the times change. We are standing out and showing that we want and need sex just as much as the men if not more. Men do it all the time; why can’t we? Being sexual should not keep us from finding the man of our dreams. It should actually lead us to our soul mate. You know, that one person who understands and doesn’t judge.

However you don’t have to give it up to find your dream man either. Don’t let the pressure of what you see on social media lead you down the Yellow THOT Road. There are still some men out there who will appreciate you for living your life the “right way”. Don’t lose hope. He is coming sis.

yellow brick

Whether you are out here with your chastity belt on or living free with a rotating door, it’s your personal business. What God has for you will be for you. Live your best life. You only get one. If he is meant to be in your life he will be. Be happy and do you boo!


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