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All the women that are independent (in our best Destiny’s Child voices) throw your hands up. Wait no, be quiet and listen for a moment. While being independent and able to find happiness through self-care and love is important for every woman to experience; it can be a hindrance as well. That’s right some of us have become so hard, that we’ve forgotten how to be soft. We have to learn how to shy away from trying to think like a man in order for us to perfect the characteristics of being a good woman.


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What exactly does that mean? Well, in a world where women are not only deeming themselves queens but kings too in order to convey that females are capable of doing what men can if not more, it might be time for us to simmer down a bit. It appears to be that feminine is the new masculine and I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing, not when it comes to future family dynamics and finding a potential mate. Don’t interpret this wrong we’re still here for feminism, equal pay, and equality of the sexes in general but the idea that only a weak man would feel threatened by a strong woman is more complex than it sounds. You should never dilute yourself for the sake of a man or anyone else for that matter but just make sure you’re leaving enough room in your life for a man to be one if that’s what you desire. In case you’re wondering, being bossy, always right, or not knowing how to choose your battles wisely is not a conducive situation for any male to thrive in his role of being your man.


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If we become the men we want to marry, we might have a difficult time actually finding men to marry. It’s true a lot of women have to be strong and leaders for numerous reasons. Sometimes we have to wear the pants and the apron but if we want true love and marriage then we need to learn how to moderate that and be able to welcome a man and all his masculinity with open arms. The idea is for two people to come together and mesh well enough so that they want to get married and become one, not to constantly butt heads with one another. When taking on what some may call male qualities while single, make sure you have the willingness to submit those things. It’s for the greater good of both parties when embarking upon a new relationship. The beauty of being with a man is that they help alleviate some burdens and responsibilities weighing us down. Don’t be so determined to prove to a man that you can do what he can, that he no longer wants to date you. After all, we weren’t meant to do everything a man can do, we were created to do everything a man can’t.