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Happy November! Now is the time where we hear the carols and it’s a joyous occasion. At least, it’s supposed to be right? The last two months of the year are finally here. Many of us entrepreneurs are looking to rock out Q4. Loved ones join together around dinner tables. Time falls back. So many fall into a depression during this season. Here are some ways to avoid the seasonal blues:

  • Catch some sun. Losing that extra hour can affect your mood believe it or not.  It is believed that millions of Americans suffer from “winter blues”. Natural light boosts your serotonin levels, great for assisting with the brain cells communicating.
  • Werk it Out! Try out a new workout routine. Keeping your body active is a great defense from being idle. Especially with the not so healthy food choices we tend to make during this time, it’s a natural way to boost your mood.
  • Cut down your stress levels as much as possible. The pressure of business, family, friends, and other tasks can be heavy during this time. No one wants to sit across the annoying aunt asking about when you’re getting married and having kids at the family table. The best way to respond is with a smile (and no invitation to the wedding if your level of petty is there [only kidding]). In a season of giving, we can give so much to the point where we have depleted our energy. Have a sabbatical weekend. You can’t pour from an empty cup that’s for sure.
  • Bonus: Do something that YOU enjoy unapologetically. This year has been a year of changes. Some doors closed and some have opened. Sit and reflect on the things you’re thankful for in your life. Treat yourself. Give back. Don’t leave home without your smile.




Obligations can have you in the dumps. Family traditions may have you not really forward to the holidays. So many people feel alienated because they make not have family or that mate like before. Reclaim YOUR Time! This year, this may be a time to dump the tradition and do something new. Besides, who made these silly rules to follow? Take care of you because the people around you need you! May the rest of this year be the best of your year.


If this is something that you cannot shake off alone and is affecting your everyday living,  please speak with a mental health professional. 

Tamieka Smith