It’s the holiday time and family time is right among us! In general, planning a vacation can be tough and even more difficult if you’re an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur while planning financial trips can sometimes be an issue since income is based on sales or the amount of income that comes in. Often, many entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to balancing the finances and balancing family outings. As we know, the holidays are swiftly approaching and over time I’ve gained some experience that may be able to help you plan your next family trip on a budget. Although the average entrepreneur can make an unlimited amount of money saving it is just as important. The key to any trip is to plan and SAVE!


  1. Don’t go on a trip without at least 6 months of planning and saving. These organizational skills are important if you want to stay on track. If you put aside $40-60 a week that can help offset your trip! If you do the math, that’s anywhere between $160-$240 a month giving you anywhere from $940 – 1440 for your trip at the end of your 6 months! This amount of cash goes far when you have a methodical itinerary in mind.  6 months in advance allows you time to book inexpensive hotels, flights, and find restaurant deals to help you save in the long run.
  2. When you’re thinking of family leave, be sure to research your area. Sometimes, you can stay on the outskirts of an area and travel to where you want to go! This can save you hundreds even thousands when it comes to hotels and food.
  3. Be creative! Sometimes a simple change of scenery is all it takes to have a nice trip. It’s very possible to enjoy your family close to home. Planning a trip doesn’t have to be across the country – sometimes the next town over is just as enjoyable.
  4. Find free activities! Some of the best activities when traveling is free! Especially, if you’re traveling with kids. There are many restaurants that offer kid-free days, parks that have live activities, and coupon sites such a Groupon that can help you stick to a budget.
  5. Use CASH! I can’t tell you how many times we miscalculate when we’re using a debit card! Sometimes, carrying cash for each trip will help you minimize overspending! Once it’s gone it’s gone. If everything is accounted and you spend all your cash – you won’t lack in any area.


Either way, planning a trip can be complex, but planning and making sure your finances together make it that much easier. Be sure to have fun, research, and look forward to making every trip better with these tips!