It’s officially holiday season. Are you already stuck on what gifts to get your family and friends? Every year it seems to get harder and harder which really brings on the stress.

What if I told you there is a better way to gift for the holidays? Well, it goes a little something like this. Gifting experiences over things have a profound effect on memories you can make for years to come. Over the past several years, my family and I have adopted these habits.

Let’s be clear. We still give monetary gifts from time to time, but there is a conscious effort to add some experiences in the mix too! In turn, we have had countless memories.

Here are 3 reasons why gifting experiences over things are beyond worth it.


experiences over things

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Perspective and Learning

Sometimes we need to change our environments in order to get a better understanding of the world around us. There is also room to learn something new or even get inspired.

experiences over things

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Social Connections

Many experiences are done in groups. The bonds become greater when you have collective involvement in an activity. When you reflect on a memory, you think about how it made you feel and of course whom you experienced it with.

experiences over things

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Value in Experiences

Unfortunately, many of us don’t align our happiness high on the priority list. So we turn to material possessions to fill the void. It becomes a never-ending cycle because monetary things get outdated. There will always be something bigger, better and shiner. Gifting someone the opportunity to experience something new or even something they have always wanted to try is a guaranteed return on investment.


experiences over things

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Are you convinced yet? Well here are some great experience gift ideas to get you started.

Online Classes

The Internet is booming with tons of ways to learn these days. Find out what your giftee may be striving to learn and pay for a class.

Sporting Events

If your giftee loves basketball, baseball, football or any other sport this is the perfect one!

Museum Visit/Memberships

These places are a hidden gem. There are tons of amazing exhibits right in your local area. They are also ever changing to provide something new. So, it’s definitely worth checking out.

experiences over things

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Traditional Vacation

You can never go wrong with a little R & R. The world is a big place. So I am sure you can find at least one place your giftee will love.



In short, gifting experiences is an amazing way to get to the heart of giving in the first place. The possibilities are really endless. I promise the reward is so much sweeter when you have created a new memory and experience for a loved one. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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