When it comes to following our hearts on the road to true love, it can become a bit tricky. You are sure to cross uncertainty, delay, setbacks, and frustration. However, once you overcome all of which was set out to destroy you. You find peace, happiness, and love. For Keyshia Ka’Oir love was found in Gucci Mane.  An Atlanta based rapper with a checkered past and magnet for law enforcement.  Wrapped in hood armor with a heart hungry for healing and peace. Keyshia found her beloved. Behind every great man is an even greater woman. Keyshia Ka’Oir has found success while building a business for herself in fitness and beauty. While many are quick to applaud the meteoric rise of superstardom. It’s also important to reflect on the perspective of planting seeds and manifesting your destiny.

A woman with drive, ambition, and favor can conquer anything life throws in her direction. Many may be in awe of the glitz and glamorous lifestyle that Ka’Oir has become accustomed too. However, the essence of a person begins with the foundation of their beginnings. Ka’Oir has proven that a woman with a vision for her life will climb mountains and move earth to make that vision a reality. Ka’Oir proudly proclaims that making lifestyle changes and committing herself wholeheartedly to building an empire has contributed to the success story of Keyshia Ka’Oir. Although many may reiterate the success of a woman not only standing by her man during challenging times. Not to forget to invest his fortune to build an even bigger return. All of which is a testament to who Keyshia Ka’Oir is as a woman within herself and as a partner to her now husband. Just to put things in perspective, Keyshia Ka’Oir was successful on her own and although her partner found hardship. She never lost sight of who she was or the life she intended to have for herself and family.

Although we all want the reward and the fame. Are we all willing to sacrifice our lives and time for the possibility of happily ever after? Could you wait three years or more for a man in jail? Probably not.  You shouldn’t have too. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Although our hearts may be invested in someone. It doesn’t guarantee us the future that Keyshia and Gucci Mane have together.  One of the most valuable lesson Ka’Oir has taught the modern day woman is to establish and build your own before committing yourself to a relationship. You have to know who you are, where you’re going, and have the determination to see your vision through to the end. Rest assure the Jamaican beauty is not endorsing a negative lifestyle or unhealthy relationship for the sake of marriage and popularity. In all things the established businesswoman is encouraging admirers to live their best life on there terms. Focus on your happiness. Build and create the business of your dreams. Commit and understand yourself fully before you commit to anyone else. Relationships are not perfect. They become messy, unpredictable, and sometimes chaotic.  Before you say I do to a potential husband, get your life in order. When you are living in your purpose God will give you the man and life of your dreams. Now, it may not come with red carpets and a reality show. But a man that loves you, supports your dreams, and makes you smile daily. That’s priceless.