Ladies, we are out here on the dating struggle bus and I am the driver honey. We set all of these standards and have our preferences, which continues to lead us to the same exact kind of man with a different face. Each time we end up hurt because we think we know what we want and need. However, we need to step out of our comfort zone and try a different kind of man. Here are some ways to land the man we need.

  1. Think outside the box. Start going to places you normally wouldn’t go to in order to meet a man. If you normally go to lounges switch it up and try going to a driving range for lessons or to the shooting range or even the bar of a five-star hotel. If there is a convention in your city that would have a decent amount of single men worthwhile, head over there and start networking. If anything you can make professional connections so it’s a win-win.
  1. Get over the physical appearances. Yes, you might like a tall man, a beard, an athletic build, dreads, etc. None of those things make up who the man really is. All of those physical things blind you and could possibly cause you to miss out on a good man. Of course, there needs to be some kind of attraction but leave some wiggle room sis.
  1. Allow family or close friends to set you up. Family and genuine friends want nothing but the best for you. They can get past that exterior of a man. They would introduce you to a man who would be good for you. He might not be what you may want physically but he would be the one that would treat you right and make you happy.
  1. Hang around happily married couples. This will encourage you. The positive vibes will give hope that you too can be one of these couples. Not to mention if you start coming around more often they will think of compatible single males to introduce you to.
  1. Opposites attract. If you are a creative type try a professional man and vice versa. You both will bring something different to the table that should push one another to be the best version you can be. It will allow you to view things in a different light. If you dated someone just like you, it would be rather predictable and boring. Be the yin to his yang.

As we end 2017, let’s finish strong. Realize what we want is more than likely not what we need. Lets stop allowing our time to be wasted. We are getting older and deserve to be happy. Step out the box and win. Happy dating!