holiday, self care, mental, health
holiday, self care, mental, health

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The holidays, while beautiful for some can be horrible for others.  The holiday season is often marked by images of families and togetherness. Aside from the emphasis being placed on family,  gift expectations, and food restrictions are enough to drive a woman mad! Here are five tips for self-care during this holiday season

  1. I know you have heard this many times before, but taking a break from social media is okay. Too often, social media can cause unrealistic expectations.  Don’t fall for it. Unplug and find solace in your free time. Be present and aware of what’s really going on in your life. Feel it, smell it,  and touch it. Focus on what’s really important.
  2. Establish a budget. Between cooking, shopping and entertaining the costs add up. Don’t stress yourself or your finances. Know what you are looking at. Don’t get caught off guard and blow a hole in your budget. Turkeys, hams, greens, and cakes aren’t cheap. Seriously though,  pulling together a meal and hosting dinner at your home can get costly. If you are into gift giving, set a limit and stick to it.
  3. Keep your diet gains. If you have made positive strides in your diet, don’t throw them away during this holiday season.  Be mindful of your awesome accomplishments. Research healthier recipes and substitutions. Take a picture of yourself and post it on your mirror as a gentle reminder of your decision to get serious about your health.
  4. Be considerate of others.  If you have extended an invitation to someone and they decline, don’t’ take it personally. It may not be a good time for them. Sometimes it’s just easier to decline than to show up and smile while you’re unhappy on the inside. Or perhaps their budget is already maxed and one more party might send it over the top. Just some things to consider.
  5. Establish your goals for 2018. You made it!!!  Seriously though, get prepared for next year. Start it off with a good foot and keep the momentum going. Attend a vision party or host one yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t reach your goals.  Be determined to go hard and go home with  those w’s In 2018.  Fill your soul with things that will help you remain focused. Books, podcasts,  and videos are great resources for material.

Take care of yourself this holiday season.  A healthier you is required. Mentally and physically your well being  is a priority