What’s in your Makeup Bag?

As women, we have our favorite purse with our favorite little nicks and knacks in that bag.  Out of all the faves you can ever have in your purse, “the makeup” staples are a must. Here are a few omust-have staples that I carry in my makeup bag.


Foundation-   Whether you wear liquid, powder, both, cream to powder, or CC/BB cream, this one that you should keep in your makeup bag.  Throughout the day, we are working, going to school, running businesses, taking care of households with spouses and children, taking care of children as a single parent or just the errands that you crun daily.  After a few hours of the day, your foundation can fade just because of the busyness of the life.  It’s good to have this in your makeup bag for touch ups when need, if needed.


Lipliner- Before the application of lipstick, a lip liner is used for your lips to have something to stick to.  Filling in your lips with a lip liner can act as a base.  Having this staple in your makeup bag will couple or company your next step which is lipstick or lip gloss application.


What does your lip color say about your personality?


Lipstick/Lip gloss We eat, drink, and talk throughout the day.  Whatever color you’ve chosen to wear for that day should be in your makeup bag.  You can reapply or touch up as needed.  Definitely a Must have.


When all else fails, mascara doesn’t.


Mascara- When all else fails, mascara can take your lashes up a notch.  This can enhance your eyes by bringing volume to your lashes, you know, giving you a little lift.  Even if you have the basic of basics for a makeup look that day, mascara can give you the “pop” and some dimension to your eyes.  A little mascara goes a long way.

Eyeliner/Eyebrow pencil, powder, or gel- If you wing it out or fill it in, this is a must-have to place in your makeup bag.  Now,  these two products typically stay in place all day long.  Liquid eyeliner rarely budges.  Whereas eyeliner pencils can move.  (Side note: Set this with an eye shadow of the same color, i.e. black liner, black eye shadow so that it won’t move along the bottom lash line.) Eyebrow pencils, powders, or gels usually have a lot of staying power through your day/night.  Especially if you set your brows with a gel.  Then again, you never know.  So, keep these items on hand in your makeup bag if you use them.


The items in your makeup bag can tell a lot about you!  Whether you’re simple, or love boldness.  Whatever your personality is, it’s all beautiful and it’s all love!