We live in a world where everything has to glam, right? When it comes to pregnancy you’re expected to glam up, dress the bump, keep the image, still be “superwoman” and to top that off snap back in 60 Days. Sounds a lot like life goals or visions we make. From the moment we put it out there – we expect grand responses, ignoring the fact that we’re growing something! We’re birthing a vision.  We’re in transition. Much like pregnancy. This is my absolute last pregnancy and by far the hardest. I’ve gained more than I ever have. I felt many highs and lows emotionally. I’ve struggled in almost every area imaginable and life shifts daily. My wifely duties and parental obligations have slacked in my opinion and the level of “I don’t care” has increased by 1000. I don’t wanna talk. I only want to eat. I’m always sleep; and to say I’ve enjoyed this pregnancy would depend on the day in question. I’m beyond blessed with a gift. Being able to birth and give life is something I wouldn’t take for granted. Some people struggle to conceive. Others never have and many would trade places. Truthfully, not everyone has a rough pregnancy. However, there’s a misconception of what it means to birth something like a vision, plan, or goal and that can translate into misconceptions of what one will endure in pregnancy.

What I’ve concluded is that pregnancy is a process, a process of self -discovery, guidance, faith, transparency and wisdom. It’s so much deeper than a “baby”. There are mental challenges, emotional disturbances, physical changes, and even spiritual shifts. It’s one of the greatest accomplishments a woman can have (if desired), but it’s the one thing that we all were designed to do. We all have the parts or start out with them to complete this process. Childbirth forces us to be in this uncomfortable state unable to predict what comes next. We lose more control as the days go on and anticipate the arrival of this baby because we desire to see what our body has done. We want to see what 10months of change has given us. It’s similar to a vision, a calling, a mission etc. that’s already begun and we are now too far in to turn back.

In life, the challenges that arise are simply out of our immediate control. We have to grow through them, work through them, shift, change, bare, and in some cases adjust our entire reality to complete these tasks. It’s not something you can control or prepare for. You can buy everything you need for a baby, business, etc but nothing will prepare you for your pregnancy. You can’t control the people or your mate. You can’t control your portion or plate, and you certainly can’t speed it up much like goals or business. Whether it’s the first or last – every time and every child is different. Just like every situation, vision, mission, business etc. is different. The only thing you can do is enjoy the process, remain patient, keep doing your check ins and allow it to progress. I encourage you to keep moving. Keep processing and enjoy the birth of your vision.