Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram timeline in search of inspiration, relationship advice, and spiritual guidance? Only to get distracted by your crushes selfie or trolling through your bestie TL for cute pics of you.Guilty.  Between all of the hashtags, celeb updates, relationship goals, negativity, ads, and liking your friends and family photos…it’s a lot to handle in one app. Instagram is a fun and exciting place where the content is relevant, funny, and sometimes downright unbelievably shocking.  We become so bombarded with content and refreshing our own pages that sometimes we need a refresher mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Every now and then it’s time to do a mental and spiritual check-up. Sure, Instagram is fun. But, sometimes other people’s reality will have you tripping over your own two feet and missing your blessing. Luckily, we have a few go-to resources of influencers who not only represent their love of God, family, and living in your truth. They are truth seekers and enjoy uplifting others with their fresh content, cute outfits, dropping relationship gems, or feeding our spirit daily. Get to know and follow these Godly Girl Bosses :

Mattie James @themattiejames – Wife, Mom, Believer, Blogger, and Fashionista: Whether or not you’re looking to start a blog, find a photographer, represent your favorite brand, or simply looking for style cues as a modern-day mom/girl boss. Mattie James has got you covered. With her photogenic smile, wit, charm, and down to earth southern personality, Mattie represents the modern revolutionized woman on the go. With her rockstar gems, noteworthy tweets, or the love and admiration she has for her hubby and family Mattie James is an inspiration to all of her followers.

Sarah Jakes Roberts -@sarahjakesroberts Wife, Mom, Author and Believer – When you search for imperfection and beautiful fiery spirit in the dictionary, you’ll find Sarah Jakes Roberts. With powerhouse parents, Sarah Jakes Roberts has made loving the Lord cool again for today’s generation. Unashamed and unapologetic about her past, the supermom and author tells the truth and gives us insightful words of wisdom daily.  Her style is sophisticated and classy. The love, honor, and respect that she and her husband have for God are major relationship goals. Sarah Jakes Roberts is a powerhouse firecracker that gets the everyday woman.

Alex Elle -@alex_elle -Author, Wife, and Mom – Naked, raw, and authentic in her voice Alex Elle is a ray of sunshine. Her poetry will stir your spirit and allow you to reflect on the meaning of life. While her love for the woman she is and the woman she has fought to become will cause your heart to melt. Whether you need a positive affirmation to get through the day or a gentle poetic reminder of how beautiful and special we are to those around us.  Find yourself at the corner of Alex Elle and leave the light on inside your heart and mind.

Djuana @djuanalovespurity– Author, Blogger, and Coach- She always has the perfect relationship scenario for women who seek love through celibacy. When many of her counterparts are advocating be free and explore your sexual side. Djauna speaks her truth, owns it, and delivers a powerful message in ways that young single women can appreciate. Whether you’re recovering from a broken heart, seeking inspiration, or just want to explore the idea of celibacy and waiting on God to deliver on His promise. You have found the right person to guide you through the dating world.

Emily Mcknight- @_emilymcknight– Wife, Mom, Author and Dating/Relationship Coach – Many people can give you the advice you need on dating in a Godly manner. However, only a few can be as transparent, open, and honest with their followers about finding love. Whether you’re battling with an ex, considering celibacy, or thinking of pumping the breaks on dating for a while, Emily McKnight is your girl. With her one on one girl talk tone and examples of real love blossoming in her own life. Emily, can walk the walk and talk the talk. Got a question or problem? Ask Emily!


While you’re on the road becoming a better you and scrolling through your timeline for information.  Remember, that God is the source and everything else is just a resource. Make sure that your resource nurtures your inner girl boss, ignites your spirit, and pushes you forward in the pursuit of your purpose. Allow your life to be the reason someone says yes to living their life to the fullest. After all, we are all an inspiration to someone on our timeline.