As time passes and our journey of life continues, we begin to make more decisions. These decisions range from something as simple as when we should wake up in the mornings to how we should pay our bills or change career paths, and everything in between. On top of these decisions, we are constantly stepping out into a world full of chaos that we also have to pay attention to. With that being said, one of the most important decisions you can make these days is who you choose to surround yourself with.

In life, there are people that will add to your life in different ways. There are some people that will bring nothing but peace into your life, then there are some that will bring nothing but problems into it. You have to learn early on how to distinguish the two so that you don’t get consumed by too much of the latter. We have too much to do in our day to day lives, and can’t really afford to devote too much energy to negativity and those that drain you.


Pinpoint the peace makers in your life so that you can surround yourself with the right energy as much as you possibly can. They may not always come in the form of being super motivating and uplifting , but they come with no chaos or drama. Their presence in your life is calming, genuine, and supportive. They are the great listeners, and the ones that speak positivity into your life and spirit. The vibe around them feels good, and continues to keep you feeling good about your journey. They compliment your happiness, and help to make your journey in this world a less weary one.


Then there are the peace stealers *cue dramatic music*. Peace stealers are the people who mainly come with nothing but negative energy. They don’t have many nice or positive things to say about anyone, and they’re not too fond of hearing good news either. They are usually the self absorbed types who only want to bury you in their problems, but show little to no interest in what you may have going on in your own life. You know, the ones that make you automatically roll your eyes and groan when you see their name pop up on your ringing phone, because you know the conversation is gonna completely drain you and leave you annoyed. Peace stealers come with way more problems than positivity. They are the ones that leave you feeling drained emotionally and sometimes physically. They are the ones that it seems like you can never say the right thing to. The ones you almost feel like you have to walk on eggshells around to keep world war III from happening.


Just like the thieves of joy that they are, peace stealers sometimes come in disguise, so you have to be careful and pay attention to patterns. We often overlook some of the biggest thieves of joy because most of the time they are people that have the most access to us, such as friends and family. Think about it. Strangers don’t have as much access to our personal lives to be able to have as much of an effect on us as those we choose to spend our time with.

It’s important to pinpoint both your points of peace and your peace stealers in order for you to be able to function day to day in the best form of yourself. Can you afford to carry your own stress and the added stress of others in your life that want you to carry theirs too? Your peace is far too valuable and significant for you to always be in the state of giving it away or having it taken from you easily.

photo credit: Essence

photo credit: Essence

Your best version of you isn’t the stressed version of you. It isn’t the weary, burned out version of you that tries to keep everyone happy. It’s not the drowning version of you due to you being weighed down by everyone else’s issues, negativity, and drama. It’s time to start reclaiming and preserving your peace, instead of allowing others to drain it all away.