Nobody is perfect, they never have been, nor will they ever be. Even though we know this, it still doesn’t stop us from keeping score on the number of times someone caused us hurt. Keeping your attention on the hurt, and disappointment that someone has caused, will always leave you feeling bitter. While you can’t even stand the thought of seeing this person and hearing their name makes you cringe inside, you will look up one day and  they’ve gotten married, had a couple of kids, or in some cases they’ve passed away. My point is, while you are still sitting on bitter avenue, their life went on.

Many years ago, someone I love very much was killed by the hands of a woman. The woman served some time in prison for the murder and has since then been released. I saw a picture of her via social media one day, and in her pictures she was smiling and laughing. My raw emotion was, “she killed someone, she is not supposed to be smiling.” I even questioned if whether or not she was even sorry for what she did 20 years ago because she seemed to have moved on with her life. Contrary to what I was feeling in that moment, the reality is, as long as she is still breathing, that woman has every right to move on with her life. She has every right to smile and try to live a happy life, despite the hurt and pain she has caused. See, as much as we’d like for them to, the person(s) who hurt us, will not sit around waiting for us to forgive them. This is one of those, it’s easier said than done type of things, and I promise I get it. Believe it or not,  we can’t get around being hurt by others; it’s just not set up that way. When we feel we’ve been done wrong, it’s only natural to feel humanly feelings such as anger, resentment, hurt, etc. I would be telling a lie if I said it’s easy to avoid these emotions. I am not one to tell a person what they should or should not feel. The only thing I am saying here is, we SHOULD allow ourselves to feel the hurt, but we MUST also allow ourselves to move on from it.  If we don’t, then we subject ourselves to become negative and callous, which usually results in a cycle that is fruitless and harmful to ourselves as well as to others.


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