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Some may have you laugh at their pain. Others just know how to werk a room. Meet Comedian Tara “Sista Big Bone” Sharpe. I had the honor to chat about keeping laughter as her remedy to pursue her dreams.


When did you discover that you were funny?


I’ve always been funny around family and friends. One day I was at work, another co-worker that does comedy as well suggested for me to come out for Open Mic night. I was nervous about getting on stage. But, I went. And it started from there. I started going to different open mics, doing different functions. Then blossomed “Sista Big Bone”.


That’s cool! So what’s been the most memorable time being on stage?


They are all memorable times. As long as I get to make people laugh and everybody is having a good time. I always try to leave positive messages during my sets. When they laugh, that’s fit for me. That does me good.


When I see other comedians talk about their experiences, not all have been good experiences because it can be hard to work a crowd. Have you ever had hard times making the crowd laugh?


Oh yes. YES. I’ve been doing this for 9 years. Every crowd is not peachy keen, laughing, and OMGing. There are some crowds that are just….I’m like why did you even come? You not even laughing. Those hard crowds you just have to work your way around. I always scan my crowd. See what type of people I’m working with. I can tell what type of crowd will accept certain types of material. Some crowds will just be hard.

Sista Big Bone

Werk the Crowd

Being a woman in a male-dominated industry can also be difficult. Have you experienced any adversities being a funny woman in a male-dominated industry?


Yes. There are some people that think female comedians are not funny. There are a lot of male comedians that think that females should not be on stage. Unfortunately, I have encountered males looking at me kinda funny. They are out there. It is a male-dominated industry. You just have to push your way through it as a woman. Push through it and keep it moving.


What would you say to the next up and coming aspiring comedian?


Never stop. Never let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. There’s always perfection. There’s always a lesson to be learned.

I’m always learning. I still watch shows from my favorite comedians. Every time you’re on stage you’re learning. You’re learning what does and doesn’t work. If it doesn’t work, move quickly to something that will work. You gotta keep pushing. Until you figure out it really isn’t for you, don’t continue. Until then, keep going. Go to open mics, find different crowds and if it’s really what you want to do, you will do it.


I see you’re going to be on the stage with Michael Blackson, Les Long, & DC Young Fly on October 14th at The Carolina Comedy Jam. That’s exciting!


Les Long is one of my mentors. Anytime I’ve ever had questions or doubts, times I’ve been ready to quit, he’s always been there for me. He will tell me the real. He’s always been there for me. It’s always a pleasure to be on the stage with him.


That’s great!  Would you suggest for an up and coming comedian to also have a mentor?


Yes. Absolutely. I have 2. When I started out, I had 5 or 6. You can always learn from veterans. Those are your teachers. Those are ones that have seen different crowds and different types of people. It has to happen. You can’t be in this business without one. You can’t say, “Oh I got this.” Even with 9 years in the game, I still have questions. I go to my mentors and get advice. It’s good to have someone to fall back on.


It takes a village to make your dreams a reality. Your up and coming dreams cannot be done alone. When you “werk a crowd”, someone needs to guide you through. If you’re on the stage, in a courtroom, or a boardroom….WERK your room!


Catch Tara “Sista Big Bone at Carolina Comedy Jam in Greenville, NC!




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