In today’s world where it is so easy to get lost in all of the noise online and offline, it’s refreshing to know that we still have people like Monique Turrentine who are passionate about helping others know and love themselves first and foremost. Monique’s recently published book “Image Confidence Esteem” is filled with short nuggets of inspiration, motivation and empowerment for those who may be struggling with self-identity and self-love. It includes 1-2 minute reads on common thoughts and feelings that most people experience throughout life regarding their image, confidence, and self-esteem. It’s also a pocket-sized book that fits nicely in a handbag or large pocket so that you can carry it on the go.


Her background as an image consultant, motivational speaker, and career coach have equipped her with a certain set of skills that allow her to organically form relationships with people and pour inspiration into their lives. Here’s what she had to say about the new inspirational read she birthed:


What inspired you to write such a piece as this?

[I’ve always been the kind of person who loves to inspire others and help them help themselves. I have worked with people one on one in different capacities so I’ve been able to inspire people in those different settings. However, it was when I was working as a cosmetologist and began forming relationships with my clients after they shared personal stories with me, that I began to write about similar topics. I did this over the course of about 4 or 5 years and decided to compile it all into a book.]

What kinds of services do you offer as an image consultant and how does that tie into the gems you drop in your book?

[As an image consultant, I do wardrobing, which is essentially arranging outfits based on what works for the client. I try to not change who they are. My goal is to use their wardrobe as a way to pull out the best versions of themselves and help them showcase that. I also do personal shopping and motivational speaking on the topic of image. It really does speak to what I talk about in the book about your image. It’s about loving yourself and that includes loving your image.]MT (64)

Was the book inspired by any personal experiences of yours?

[Yes! There was a time in college when I was really trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I began to pray to God about this and He spoke the words image, confidence and esteem to me back then. I wasn’t writing at the time and didn’t really know what to do with those words. At the time, I was focused on being creative and my fashion design studies. The writing didn’t start until I was doing hair in Maryland and God clearly told me to move back to North Carolina. I wasn’t as fulfilled doing hair and felt like something was missing. I wasn’t realizing the impact I was making on my clients at the time. I thought I was just doing hair. I later realized I was a source of inspiration for them. So, I was obedient and moved back to NC. After the move, I began to write again and was able to finish the book.]

There are plenty of qualities and aspects of a person that you could have chosen to target as a means to inspire people. Why did you choose image, confidence, and esteem specifically for this book?

[I believe that image, confidence and esteem are the qualities that truly speak to the core of who we all are and it is different for every person. The purpose of the book is for people to get something out of it for themselves. It’s all about who you are at your core as it relates to who you are in God and who He created you to be. I want readers to walk away from the book with takeaways that help them to have better relationships with God, themselves, and others. My favorite chapter is the Love chapter and I really want people to gain better perspectives on who they are, how they want to treat others and how they want others to treat them; it is these things that allow us to give and receive love. I also want readers to be reminded that life is fun and we can live life to the fullest each day without constantly focusing on tomorrow or the bad things that may be going on. I hope that readers know and strive to live life in every moment so that they can live a more fulfilled life.]


What do you want single wives specifically to take away from the book?

[To love themselves! It’s hard to get into a relationship with another person without having the foundation of God in your life or without knowing who you are and what your purpose is, so focus on those things.]


Monique will be taking advantage of more opportunities to use her gift of inspiring others on stages and platforms in various cities. You can find and connect with Monique about her work and speaking events as well as purchase her book “Image Confidence Esteem” via her information below.


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