stress and organization

Let me guess.  Your to-do list is a mile long.  There aren’t enough hours in the day.  Oh, and you have to figure out dinner too! Insert that deep sigh.  These days we all feel like we have so many tabs open it’s simply impossible to get everything done.  Believe it or not, the basic organization in you’re everyday life can take the stress level down.  Check out these 4 simple ways to tidy up.


Don’t Put off What You Can Do Today

Take care of immediate items first.  Each day brings its own set of unexpected tasks and putting off errands and work will only pile for the next day.  Think of it as a healthy balance to the workload.  Why add stress to yourself by putting off a task that you can complete right now?


stress and organization

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Go Green

Ditch the paper bills and pay online.  It is 2017 right?  The easy switch will free up your mailbox and desk from unwanted papers.  You will also be able to throw out junk make right away.  Less sorting always helps.  Some companies even offer small discounts for paperless billing.  So there is another sweet incentive.


stress and organization

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This is a biggie.  Simple home coordination is always underestimated.  I suggest doing an audit to determine how you can make areas in your home better.  A huge one for me was organizing my kitchen and refrigerator.  After getting groceries, I do meal prepping and make items in the cabinets easier to view.  This shaved tons off dinner time and clean up.  Other huge areas to consider are a home office, garage or even your bedroom.    We must remember our home is supposed to help us feel relaxed not heighten our stress levels.

stress and organization

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Seeing is Believing

Find a way to document tasks either on your smartphone or with a traditional planner.  I absolutely love my monthly planner.  Everything gets jotted down for the day so there is no guesswork.  Plus, I am able to skip ahead as needed to write out future plans.   If using your phone is better set up reminders or add them to your phone calendar.   There are also tons of organizational apps to help you stay on top of things.  The winning formula is seeing what you have to do.  It helps with accountability and eliminates the guesswork that can cause stress.
In Short, Sometimes it’s not necessarily the workload that causes the stress.  It’s how we go about our day that does.  The tasks are always going to keep on coming.  We must know how important it is to  find a winning formula for our everyday lives.


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