Pregnant woman

You would think that in this day and age we would’ve learned to respect people’s personal decisions to live life how they choose to but unfortunately, there are still some things that need addressing. Women have been shamed over everything under the sun from our beauty, bodies, and now over not being married or having babies too. Certain things in life should be judgment free zones so stop telling us we’re selfish, our sole purpose is to procreate, and that we aren’t complete until we’ve got a ring on our hand.

Shouldn’t everyone be a bit selfish with their lives, time, and bodies? Society’s idea of when a woman should settle down isn’t realistic because some of us don’t want to settle! Some of us, want to build ourselves up and reach our full potential first before being barefoot and pregnant. What’s wrong with wanting to be whole by yourself first before adding others into the picture or furthermore feeling like your picture is perfect without anyone else in it? We get it, marriage and motherhood is wonderful but whether we choose to wait or not partake in it, doesn’t make us any less of a woman. Yes, we can be mothers and wives but we can be other things too and we’re fed up with the world trying to make us feel guilty about it. It is just as rude to ask a woman her age, as it is to question her choice and timing to bear children and wed. Are we now considering women insignificant if they have yet to devote their lives to someone else?

Obviously one should never make these decisions for the sake of a man but it seems like that’s the message being forced in our faces. Turn on a popular TV show or movie and most likely it’s based upon some type of relationship between the opposing sexes. Where is the representation of women who create more than trouble in the workplace, make bad decisions in the bedroom, and love something other than a man because we are so much more. Why can’t we be shown only as women, without the dynamics of anything else; just us and who we are within ourselves? Who said motherhood was restricted only to those who actually gave birth because we’ve all got the instincts. For example, a teacher serves as a mom to many children. So do the nurses who take care of newborns and those appointed as Godmothers. The choice to not have children does not define a person’s generosity, nor does a man seeking your hand in marriage determine how deeply you love or deserve to be loved. Also, it’s a myth that any of this means we are irresponsible. Our responsibilities may differ but they still exist. Simply put, it’s our prerogative so let us live!