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Photo credit ” CreateHer


First comes love, then comes marriage, and the baby carriage, right? Maybe. Dating in the 21st century has its challenges. Nowadays, dating is considered talking, Talking turns into a situationship and drama.  Shortly after you find yourself back in the dating pool swiping left or right. Sounds familiar. Finding true love is just like finding the perfect career and house. It takes time and patience. You’re going to get rejected a few times before you find the perfect employer that recognizes your potential and worth. Ask any single man or woman and the consensus would be that dating and getting hitched seem nearly almost impossible. But, people are still saying I do to forever.  We all want the same thing: love. The confusing part is getting the right kind of love to last longer than a Snap.

Whether you agree on the whys and why not falling in love nowadays comes with more than a few barriers and obstacles.  If you’re in a relationship, you’re probably wondering if it’s going anywhere or should you keep your options open. Or if you’re single, you’re probably hoping to bump into the right one accidentally or stumble upon Mr/Mrs. Right Instagram at the right time to shoot your shot. The ultimate question we all have to answer is, are we ready for marriage or the single life?

Single ladies:  Cuffin Season is among us. The weathers changing and it’s almost time to get a snuggle buddy. Before you consider remixing any old flames, check yourself.  Remember, you’ve got options just like where you pick up your groceries, shop for the best fits, and workout. Choose your mate carefully and wisely. We’ve been there and done that, never again. You’re fierce and fabulous and live life by your own rules. Don’t get caught slipping just because your heart is eager for companionship. Enjoy being single until you know that you’re ready to commit to someone forever.


Relationship: Whether you’ve been dating for three months or two years you’re probably wondering where things are going.  It’s pretty common to want to know if the person you’re connected to has a place in your future. The worst thing you can do is pretend that you see a future with someone when you really don’t. Be honest with yourself and your partner. Let them know that marriage is apart of your plans and see how they feel. It’s okay if they feel different. You can either begin to plan a future with your true love or work on yourself until the right one comes along.


Life is too short for maybes. Maybe he loves you. Maybe you like him. Honestly, that’s no way to live.  Just because your girlfriends are boo’d up or settling down doesn’t mean you have to rush to the altar. The beauty of owning who you are and living your life is that you get the final say so in what goes and what doesn’t. If you want to enjoy the single life until you finish college, start a business, or own your home.  Do it. Become a better you before you become a puzzle for someone else to put together. Being and fabulous beats being desperate and clingy any day. Same goes for your relationship. If your relationship is not making you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong you need to prepare to say goodbye. Don’t be tied to the length of time, promises, possible plans, or dissatisfaction. No one has that type of time to give to anyone freely.  Before you say I do or I don’t, reclaim your time, money, and most importantly the love of you.