It seems that every millennial I know has suddenly hit an impasse in their life where they realize they are not on the right track in their professional lives and begin seeking a totally new path. Either that and/or they have been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. One of the first symptoms that we experience that leads us to this impasse is when we realize we’re not making the money we want to make or we’re just plain old unhappy. Even those of us who absolutely love what we do, we’re still smart enough to understand that we’re not going to build that good wealth, that generational wealth, that long long money, working for someone else or with only one stream of income. So,we arrive at our impasse and start thinking of other ways to make money or become an entrepreneur.

So, if you’re looking for ways to create multiple streams of income for yourself, I’ve listed below 5 professions (randomly chosen based off of the professions I see most among single women) in which you could expand upon and multiply your income streams:

  1. Educators: Shout out to all my teacher frans!! This role can be EXTREMELY profitable. You are a certified teacher living in a time that has officially been named “the information age” by the business sector. You can literally sell information online and bank serious coins. Little fun fact: online businesses ( a majority of them selling information or teaching people how to do something) made over $8 billion in 2016 and that number is expected to double in 2017, growing exponentially in subsequent years. Girl, get on this here train and claim your portion. These state governments are clearly disrespecting you and are blind to what your worth is to our society. Teachers spend their days governing children and setting an atmosphere for successful learning. That’s a skill! For those of you who educate younger children, you could create a new money stream with writing children’s books. Any educator could create summer workbooks on a particular subject and publish them. You could host a week-long summer camp for kids teaching them a fun skill or create online courses for parents who have trouble handing certain behaviors in their kids. I’m really just scratching the surface here.
  2. Cosmetologists: Gotta shout ya’ll out too!! I mean, who else can take a woman and literally transform her into a new and improved person in a short period of time? Between cosmetologists and make-up artists, you guys are a woman’s best fran! So, let me frank here. If you’re a licensed cosmetologist in 2017, there is no reason you shouldn’t be winning these days. I know the amount of money that I personally spend on hair care annually and I’m not ashamed to say it. Between products, services, bundles, tools, and accessories, I know I could pay someone’s part-time annual wages. That said you can make money obviously by rendering your amazing services. However, the key is to render services that aren’t typically offered in your saturated market, and to render them well. You can create your own product line, design your own hair tools (unique combs/brushes/flat irons), host really fun styling events that teach women how to style their own hair at home, and of course sell bundles of hair and/or create custom hair units. If you’re single without kids or don’t have anything that requires you to be in one location every day, you could expand the reach of your client base by traveling. The possibilities are endless. However, building an empire in the hair industry appears to be a lot of hard work over time. So be prepared. You’ll eventually have to find ways to leverage your time so you won’t get burned out.
  3. Accountant/Financial Specialist: I think this one is a no brainer. First, let me point out the obvious. There is a serious lack of financial literacy in our society. I mean it’s downright shameful when it is reported that 80% of a country’s citizens live paycheck to paycheck….a country that is the most powerful country in the world. I’m still trying to figure this out. Well as someone who literally studied money and manages it for a living, you can provide products and services that address people’s financial problems and help them manage and grow their own money. Have you ever thought about writing short e-books on specific financial topics such as creating effective budgets, improving credit, investments, or stocks. How about managing financial records for small businesses? Or preparing taxes for individuals and businesses during tax season? Or becoming a personal finance coach where you walk people step by step in fixing their money problems and build wealth? If no, I suggest you seriously look into some of these ideas.
  4. Business Managers: I know so many people who are retail managers but who are unhappy with their job, their pay or both. If you don’t know this, please know that your expertise is quite invaluable. If you have experience interviewing candidates, training, or other human resource skills, you could host job prep workshops for people looking to land new jobs. You could start your own staffing firm. You could offer training for specific skills that you have taught in retail your entire career. If you like to train, you could be a private consultant for big retail companies or corporations where they contract you to come and train their team on specific operations that you do well. This one is a little trickier to transform into a side hustle or full-blown business so you’ll need to be creative and very patient here.
  5. Tech/Web Pros: Let me just preface this by saying I strongly envy those of you who are tech savvy. Almost salty. But I digress. Let’s just get right into it. As a tech or web designer, you could offer tech support services to small businesses, create web designs for anyone who wants a web site. If you’re good at web design or can easily learn it, you could be earning several hundred (and in some cases thousands) of dollars per project. WordPress and Squarespace are the most utilized platforms for websites on the internet in 2017 and I see so many people making good money building sites on these user-friendly platforms. I know people who create WordPress themes and sell them on Etsy, which is awesome because you can create something once and sell it multiple times. However, I have to say that Squarespace is my personal fav!


If you’re interested in brainstorming money making ideas for other professions or occupations, comment below or share some of your own success stories for the rest of us to be inspired. In the meantime, make that money girl!


XOXO – Rosalyn