Love Drug

True life, you’re addicted to the way love makes you feel.

Let’s take a moment to paint the scene: You wake up in the morning, and the first thing you see when you open your eyes is your man by your side. The sun is shining bright, hitting him just right. His skin is glowing and the sun is reflecting onto his eyes. He then pulls you in closer to him and kisses you on the neck. He holds you until you both fall back asleep and you’re overjoyed with having someone to love you. It’s a perfect moment that you never want to end, and getting out of bed to leave his side for the day is the last thing you want to do.

Real love is in fact a beautiful thing when shared with the right person. It has the potential to brighten your outlook on life, giving you the courage to try new things. It provides you with the assurance that anything you put your mind to can and will happen. Love has a way of making you feel like everything will be okay. It inspires the masses, pushing many of us to become the woman or man we were intended to be.

Although love can come with some really low moments, the highs of it is what keeps people coming back for more. Those high moments are addicting to say the least. The control it has on our thoughts and actions is ridiculous. Even more scary is the fact that when love is good, you’ll do anything to keep it.

Love can also be detrimental. Being addicted to love will have you doing things you shouldn’t do, or going along with things even though it doesn’t sit right with your spirit. Love will have you ignoring your gut feeling and warning signs along with way.  It will have you trying to please others in ways that aren’t healthy for you. When you’re addicted to something, you’ll compromise yourself and your integrity to get it.

Love Drug

Being addicted to love can make you feel worthless when you place your esteem and worth in someone else’s hands. Instead of having self-love, the way you see yourself becomes a reflection of the way they see you. How you treat yourself becomes a reflection of how they treat you. It is within this moment, that all common sense goes out the door, and doing things which are the epitome of stupid become second nature.

Being addicted to love will have you thinking you can’t function properly unless you’re in a relationship. Everything you live and breathe is about your relationship with the person. You lose part of yourself and no longer recognize the person you’ve become. Your sole focus is now how you can make him love you even more.

Here is when “love” becomes your drug. You’ll experience the highs and withdrawals just as with any real street drug. Love can either make you feel relaxed and calm, or upbeat and vibrant. It can make you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine, or having some adverse reaction to it. You may experience an increase in your heart rate, sweaty palms, a slight flutter in your stomach, or knot in your throat. You may even begin to see things that aren’t really true, altering your perception of reality.

This new love drug can make you feel like time has slowed down. When you’re with that person you’ll want to tune out everyone else and focus solely on “him”. When you’re not in his presence, you feel like you need another hit of his love drug. That’s when he becomes your supplier, and your addiction is now in the palm of his hands. You begin to fiend for something just as good, if not better than before. You have officially given your power to another person. The addiction to love has overtaken your mind and body, consumed with the way this love drug makes you feel.

Another dose of the love drug please…

Ladies, make sure the love you choose to receive and give is healthy for you.