Forgiveness. Rated E for everyone. It can be something that weighs us down for long periods of time. It keeps you up late at night. You replay it in your mind of the things you could have done differently. They hurt you but they moved on with their lives. Or possibly you hurt someone. But yet, you are here still sitting stuck. Seasons change. Some more quickly than others. Forgiveness is not waiting for an apology. It’s not about forgetting what happened. You can remember yet not carry that burden.


Forgiveness is accepting the hurt and not allowing that to hinder your happiness. That would mean giving someone else control of your joy. No one or thing deserves that much power. I remember being asked, how do you forgive someone that tried to kill you? It’s like breathing. I had to exhale from what my body didn’t need. That pain no longer belongs for me to own. Did it hurt? Like hell. Don’t get me wrong, at first, it wasn’t easy. One day I discovered the more I fed the pain with bitterness, the more it was depleting my own happiness. I wrote about this topic in my first book, Shattering the Glasshouse. It comes a time in your life where it’s a must FOR you to GIVE. They know they are wrong. Give yourself an opportunity to experience joy after hurt.


I’ve experienced other types of hurts and had to revisit the act of forgiveness. Faith has a funny way of testing us to see if we really did let the past hurts go. It can feel like you’re being on the show Punked and Ashton Kutcher is about to come out at any moment. You know, the times where you’re looking at your phone and they apologize. Or they look you in your eyes asking for your forgiveness. Those are moments where pride falls and we accept those who wronged us.


There are wrong people occupying the wrong spaces at the right time. The time where they gave you a lesson. They moved on. And so should you. I think that one of the hardest things to do is forgive yourself. The beauty of life is making mistakes. Love your flawed self the way you are. Even those things can be used for your good. Think about it. You were comfortable with that love interest, friendship, that business partnership, or being at that church. Then, an event caused you to get uncomfortable. It inspires. It gives you fuel to keep going. Take your power back. It belongs to your future, not your past. Happiness is a choice. As well as forgiveness. It will change the world for you!