I know many of you have watched the show Insecure. Who hasn’t right?! If you haven’t, check it out. It’s a good show! Now on to the juicy stuff (spoiler alert).

Last episode was a bit much. Essentially life for Issa is tough. I mean she’s taking some major L’s in life. From her cheating incident resulting in a breakup to multiple hook -ups, “Ho-tation, car accident, eye shot from Daniel and now her recent run in with Lawrence; I’ll say it’s kinda bad for her. Although, why Lawrence thought it was a great idea to bring his current situation to a personal and intimate dinner where he knew his ex would be, we may never know. But NOTHING and I mean NOTHING trumps his recent foolery! In a full on heavy spat he called Issa a Hoe! Did he really say that?! I mean he did her dirty too. He’s been out here too. Like come on. Well, you bet he did. Now, here’s why I’m not shocked.

Lawrence is a man, and ultimately men deal with cheating harder than women do. It’s an ego thing. Women cheat (sometimes) because a need isn’t being fulfilled. They’re often trying to fill a void, get back, experiment etc. Men cheat (sometimes) because they’re tempted, greedy, selfish, or simply unable to leave. However here, Issa simply wanted to play the game. I think she felt like she was missing something. She didn’t respect her or relationship anymore. She wanted to be a hoe to prove a point, to her and maybe others. I honestly felt like at one point she celebrated it. She felt like she could not care. She could maybe see how much bait she could catch and thought she would feel better as a whole. I mean, her BFF gets all the play. What if she could do as Molly and go get everything she felt she missed. As long as her girls were in on it, teaching her and supporting it she seemed cool. NOT TRUE!

That episode said a lot. We should have learned this: A hoe is a hoe and it’s one thing to act like one, but being called one – sucks! Her ex. Her dude. The guy she supported and loved calling her a hoe not knowing what she’s been up to – that hurt and it should. It should be a wake up call. We must learn that no matter how “fun” we see it, how much we joke about it, being called a hoe is a negative word. It’s negative behavior, and as women, we’ll never be able to do what they (men) do sexually and get away with it. I know this turns your face up, but the word “Hoe” will always rub you the wrong way. Period.

In order to do and be better we have to start dealing with our problems. As women, we have to grow and heal through our issues. Finding the voids and filling them, locating self worth and identity no matter what’s going on. Filling voids, getting payback or looking for extra attention isn’t going to do it, ever. That scene was meant to strike up some needed conversations. To get her thinking, allow her to know that the double standard exists and ultimately she’s no better than the next with this behavior. What do you think?!