To Women ... With Love

How can we speak life into the women and girls who look like us? This is not about feminism or womanism, it’s about uplifting, so that we can move forward with what has to be done to make society a better place for little black boys and girls.

When are we going to stop saying we don’t want or need women around us? We are all striving for the same things in life; we all should be depending on one another, building together. We are all on a path to self-discovery, How do we become rulers of ourselves in order to lead the future generations?

When will we stop disrespecting one another? How many of us are guilty of hearing something about a black woman and immediately flying off the handle with disgusting slurs like whore, slut, or bitch before knowing the details? Do we hate each other that much? Why are we so easy to come to the defense of a man at the expense of a black woman’s character and feelings? When are we going to stop fighting over men who are adult enough to make right or wrong decisions?

When are we going to stop asking, “what did she have on” “why was she there” when you hear of a women getting violated in some way? When are we going to stop blaming the victim for a decision a man took to violate that woman or girl? When are we going to stop saying that girls are fast? Why do we speak so horribly over our little girls then expect for them to grow up and have self-respect? We are being assaulted on so many different levels it doesn’t help that we do it to one another constantly.

Black women still haven’t gotten over the hair hump. We are still torn between who is blacker, and who is more “woke” between the naturalistas and the non. Why does it matter? And why judge? Aren’t we all here fighting for the same things? Do you think I am less likely to get harassed because of my relaxed hair? Are you more so respected because you know your curl pattern and decided to embrace it? There are millions of things that need to be addressed when it comes to black women and how we wear our hair is the least important to me.

Photo Credit: New York Times

Photo Credit: New York Times

When are we going to stop bashing our men? Couldn’t we all agree that the world does enough of that? All sorts of men have done terrible things to women, but the black woman seem to pride herself on telling the world the black man “ain’t shit.” Why do we do this? Are ALL black men trifling? Why does no other race of women bash their men publicly like we do? How do you speak of your child’s father in front of his children? Remember, after all, they are a part of him. “Exposing” the man for doing you wrong, doesn’t right anything. Picking up the pieces with dignity does. How about we try understanding that he may be coming from a hurt place in life and only knows how to hurt. Let’s start teaching the world how to value black men, if we don’t value them, who else will? How would you like the world to view your black son who will eventually become a black man? His father was once someone’s baby boy too. If all else fails, let’s try to make better choices in men.

With all of the achievements black women are being recognized for, old and new, why don’t we start celebrating ourselves? No matter what shade of black we are, we are still fighting the same fight. Let’s stop carrying those old ways of thinking that we’re used to separate us. They weren’t even created by us. It’s time to start loving one another, even when we disagree. A united front is hard to dismantle. Why do you think we were forced and even encouraged to have division amongst ourselves?