For in everything there is a season, a time for “every” activity.


 There is a time, a place and a reason for everything.  Divine appointments and connections are in the atmosphere. Shifts and moves (to include) the works of your hands, literally.   In this 8th month, new beginnings will blossom and flow.

Here we are in August 2017.  Time has moved so fast. If you have been working diligently, consistently (with laser sharp focus), you should have an expectation for new doors and opportunities to come to you!  For some of us, the dreams and visions that have been given to us seem distant, far away, or stagnant.  Discouragement may have seeped in cracks and gaps.  I urge you-DON’T GIVE UP!!!!

Whatever your dreams, goals, visions, or aspirations are in life, if you give them your complete focus, they will soon manifest.

Gas Me

Believe that a fresh mindset is in your near future, it’s already here…fresh creativity that you need is here…fresh wind of strength is here…fresh connection (but divine) is here! Most of all you have all the help that you can ever imagine. Wisdom and courage that we need to fulfill the what is already inside of us to do. Sometimes, what’s going on around us can “attempt” to take us off course; distract and/or discourage us.  Day to day life can feel so heavy at times.  Each day’s responsibilities and demands carry its own weight.


Anything worth having requires you to fight for it.


Let Box!!-Clip


No matter how your circumstances look in hindsight, no matter if people are supporting you (or not), the promises are there and will manifest if we do the work.

Do what was placed in your heart to do-DO YOUR PURPOSE!!!!  Let’s Go!!!!  Something new has already begun.


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