In this technology-crazed world we live in, social networks like Facebook and Twitter have become like electronic diaries for many people, especially women. From the biggest life-changing news all the way to what you cooked earlier for dinner, everyone feels the need to update their status, letting the world in on their day-to-day. However, this behavior has been a big factor in the downfall of many relationships. Here are a few tips to help keep social networking from causing problems in your relationships.

The world doesn’t have to know everything. It’s very tempting having an “update status” button so conveniently placed everywhere you look, especially now that smartphones rule the world. However, there are some things that probably shouldn’t be shared with the rest of the world, such as sexual thoughts and rendezvous, reasons for breakups, who/when/wheres of being cheated on, etc. There aren’t too many people out there that want to date someone that puts every single thought and action out into the cyberworld. Maintain a sense of mystery, it’s more attractive. Privacy is more important to relationships than popularity….or it should be.

Don’t use social networks to stalk. Facebook has become a very easy way to “keep tabs” on the person you’re dating, and all the steps of their past. Countless numbers of women spend hours and hours searching for information that can incriminate their partner, or to find out information about their exes. Both of these behaviors are a complete waste of time and energy. They do nothing for you but create stress, disappointment, and often problems if your partner finds out about your lack of trust. If you go looking, there’s a great chance you’ll find something you don’t want to see. This stalking behavior also creates problems in the relationship because if you do find something, bringing it to your guy’s attention will just anger him because you’re showing you don’t trust him to behave as he should in the relationship. If you always find yourself looking for incriminating information, it’s time to evaluate your relationship and whether it’s worth being in.

Avoid social networking drama. You’ve seen her. She’s the one that posts all about the breakups, and the women her man has cheated on her with. She posts vicious messages subliminally (and sometimes directly) to the ex or boyfriend. She argues back and forth with any female that she thinks may want her man/ex. This drama is in no way attractive, and it not only makes you look bitter, but it also makes you extremely unattractive to any one that may be interested. No guy wants to date a woman that will publicly humiliate herself and him, or put their business out for the world to see whenever she gets mad. Nothing positive comes from engaging in drama publicly.

Stop the bragging, it has the opposite effect. Everyone has at least 3-5 women as friends on a social network that constantly brag about how great their man is, what he does, how he never cheats, etc. Most of the time, women that feel the need to continue to tell the world how great their situation is are being untruthful and doing damage control. This is a common sign of unhappiness and/or boredom in a relationship. True happiness needs no audience. If your guy is treating you well and you’re happy, there’s no need to always shout it from the mountaintops…others will see it on their own. This behavior not only makes you seem unhappy and secretly miserable, but it is also a magnet for women that may be interested in the guy you’re dating. Sadly, there are women out there that don’t respect other people’s relationships and marriage, and to hear you bragging about your man will only make them more attracted to what he could possibly do for them.

Be smart when social networking. Remember, it’s only for entertainment, so use it as such. Don’t let the need for public approval and validation ruin your chances of a great,healthy relationship.