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You got the cute journal and wrote out your goals. Now what? It’s time to take those dreams and make them real. Writing down the objectives is the easy part. The challenge is getting and keep going. What if I told you an accountability partner could help BIG Time?

accountability partner

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So what is an accountability partner? I’m glad you asked. A AP is someone that coaches you to keep your commitment to the goals or tasks you set for yourself.

Let’s go over a few of the great reasons why this relationship might just be worth your time.

Benefits of having an accountability partner

 Jumpstarts your performance-When there is someone watching your progress you subconsciously give a bit more effort.  The responsibility is also greater because you have someone else counting on you.

accountability partner

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Validates your ideas-Writing those goals down is great, but actually verbalizing them in conversation with your partner makes them more real. It’s the beginning of them going from an idea to a tangible accomplishment no matter how out of reach it may be.

Measures current and future progress– Sometimes we may forget the journey we set for ourselves. An AP attribute can help with this. They can assess how well you are doing. Sometimes we need someone to tell us to put a little “pep in our step” or to fall back just a tad. Either way balance is what it’s all about.

Choosing an accountability partner

Believes in You-The journey to any goal will lack some motivation and enthusiasm. It is just a fact. We are only human and many of us have tons on our plates already. Loosing site of a goal can happen at times. An AP is your personal cheerleader on the sideline while you are in the game.   When life gets crazy and you need a timeout, you have them rooting you on. Make sure you choose someone that believes in your success and will be able to pick you up when the inspiration is low.

“You is Kind, You is smart, You is important”

Honesty -Trustworthiness in this type of relationship is HUGE. You will be discussing strengths and weaknesses. You must be comfortable being a little venerable with them.

Confidential– Sharing goals and dreams can be pretty personal. Unfortunately everyone doesn’t have our best interest at heart. You want to be able to confined in this person to make this partnership benefit the both of you.

Availability –You want to meet with your partner on a consistent basis. This keeps the goals fresh and the work consistent.  Find someone that is willing to set out time with you. If weekly meetings aren’t feasible make sure there is some realistic consistent communication.

If you’re AP doesn’t live close,  no problem. There are so many amazing ways to communicate these days. Look into options such as a google hangout, facetime call or even Skype. Where there is a will there is simply a way.

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Types of Partners-You may find it beneficial to find a partner that has an expertise in a goal you are trying to attain. For example: If the goal is to be a teacher, then it would be helpful to have an AP that has experience in that area.  This will give you plenty of opportunities to learn.

Don’t limit yourself to one AP if working with a few different ones A-lines better with your goals.

Tips for the first meeting with your Accountability Partner

Speaking candidly on your expectations.

Exchange goals and why you have them.

Outline ways you plan on achieving them.

Give each other homework until the next weekly meeting.


accountability partner

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Accountability Partners will look different to everyone.  It’s ok if it takes time selecting the right person.  Remember goals of any kind are extremely important and personal.  Look at this as the foundation to whatever it is you are trying to attain.

Best Wishes to you!

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