Girls Trip

After grossing over thirty million dollars during its debut weekend, no wonder people everywhere are raving about the hilarious film Girls Trip. Aside from the numerous punch lines and tear jerkers, it had some very important reminders about life. The message that seemed to be prevalent throughout the movie was a sisterhood. No, not your parents’ daughters, we’re talking about your friends. Your girls!

As we grow up and sometimes apart, it can be difficult keeping in contact with the women we love and sometimes can’t stand. We get married, divorced, change careers, have children etc. forgetting that those are probably the times when we need each other most. While on their journey in the Big Easy during Essence Fest, the cast showed us how different personalities and lifestyles can still mend together when life isn’t so simple.

(Spoiler Alert!) When Ryan didn’t have the courage to leave her cheating husband, the rest of the gang was right by her side; reminding her to not settle for less and to remember her worth. Lisa learned to let loose once her tribe decided to give her a makeover and suggested that she stop giving herself grief about having a life outside of motherhood. Sasha found out it’s better to be honest with those close to you because she might have been able to avoid struggling, instead of trying to hide the fact that she was failing in her field; causing her to be in debt. Damn Dina! The girlfriend who always keeps it real with everyone, the ride or die companion, and always doing the most BFF, realized that she too needs a reality check from time to time.

Life can be difficult and although we may want to face some obstacles alone, it’s always better not to. If you don’t already have a sisterhood of some sort then build one! Find friends that you can candidly discuss things with, share ideas and start business ventures together, help each other step outside your comfort zones, and can constantly lift up each other. Oh, the occasional girls trip or turn up doesn’t hurt either. That’s the great thing about girlfriends, they’re like our family except we get to pick them ourselves.

Girls Trip was a perfect display of modern-day sisterhood between African-American women that is relatable to all. Finally, a film that gets it right, from the wild friend, down to wearing our scarves and bonnets to bed, being able to express ourselves sexually, and being bosses. It’s proof that behind every strong woman, is an even stronger one.

Who was your favorite character in the film?