We’re all aware by now that we live in a society that’s conscious of the fame, glitz, and glam. Being yourself just isn’t as important as having likes and followers on social media. This makes it tough to be your own person – or does it? I ask myself this everyday. The issues we face on a daily contribute to our worldview and shapes our reality. The things we struggle with in life are all based on the perspective we have. The moments we share and the felt experiences we indulge in.

Reality taught me that in order for my reality to be improved I have to be my authentic self. I encourage you to consider what the social status and fame gets you? Is it worth the compromise that you’re enduring? At the end of the night how has the glamorous life benefitted your surroundings, individuality, and has it propelled you to the next level? When you think, glitz, glam, and fame, we must accept the reality of falsehood. You must understand that the life in which some see are only as real as the social media outlet it’s on. Think about it, the outlet you see can be shut down at any moment. Gone! Without notice and quickly replaced by another outlet that seems more innovative with more updates that soon will be filled with folks who want to see something else better. Think of that! As people, we must get to the point where we’re comfortable with the life that may not be popular, televised, or glamorous.

It’s important to take inventory of your life. Observe the richness you have. You have your life, funds, friends, and a purpose. Even if your life isn’t the greatest, you have the opportunity to do life everyday without the public opinion.  Trust me, that’s glamorous!

Evaluate yourself. See where your giving off false glam to impress no one. If you’re doing it, don’t be ashamed, reevaluate how you can scale back and discover your authentic self.