Better Relationship with Yourself


We live and thrive in  a society that encourages a me against you mentality. That mentality pushes us against each other and becomes the driving force for getting what we want in this life at any cost.  We start our days with social media, working to pay the bills, and leaving little rooms for ourselves.  We have become robotic and immune to the needs to of our inner and spiritual being. We have been groomed to believe that if we are not working or grinding we are missing out or opportunity is slipping through our fingers. Just as our goals and dreams are important the relationship that we have with ourselves is a priority.  When we take some time for ourselves, we are perceived to be selfish. The reality is that we are running in a race and sometimes we get tired. Tired from relationships, the hustle and bustle, raising families and etc. At some point you lose sight of who you are and whom you are becoming. Here six activities to help you develop a better relationship with yourself :

  1.  Begin a prayer life.  In every thing that you do, involve God. God gives us the strength to endure the impossible. When the world knocks us down, shuts us out, and says no. God can still say yes. Your prayer life is not a life saver. It’s the source of your strength, clarity, mercy, happiness , and love. A life without prayer is a life without oxygen. You can’t go without either.
  2.  Take some me time. We give so much of ourselves to the people in our lives, careers, and partners. As women we carry a lot . When the load gets heavy we shift the weight some where else inside of ourselves. But the weight begins to become too much, we break and then begin to mend the parts of ourselves back together. Before it’s too late take some time to take care of you. Sometime all it takes is to unplug, closed the blinds, rest and relax. Your body and mind will reward you later…guaranteed.
  3.  Step outside your comfort zone. We often function highly within our comfort zone. Our comfort zone makes us complacent to the familiar and develop a routine. However, once we step outside of our comfort zone we are able to explore the unknown. Where the unknown exists is the joy of happiness beyond our imagination. Step outside of your comfort zone and get to the next level of happiness .
  4.  Find the good in every moment. Nothing will ever be perfect. There is no perfect man , house, or career. Perfection does not exist in our lives. Things will come up unexpectedly. People will disappoint and let you down. But in every moment, you have the choice to make it good. Don’t lose sight of the moment because it’s imperfect.  Find the good in every moment and hold on to it.
  5.  Make room for the positive in your life.  There are so many moments in life that the negativity can supersede. When you speak on the negative things occurring in your life, you give them power. Power to influence your thoughts and actions. Whatever you give attention to grows. Plant the seeds of positivity over any situation. Water those seeds in your mind by writing down positive affirmations and scriptures. You can only defeat negativity with a positive mindset. Make room in your life for the positive things to grow.
  6. Forgive, forget, and laugh. People are going to disappoint you, not live up to your expectation, and life will challenge you often.  You have to know when to let it go and move on. The more you hold on to the people and things that hurt you, it will slow you down mentally and spiritually.  When things get bad choose to forgive, forget, and laugh you will need it for the next chapter of your life.

In the midst of pursuing your goals, raising kids, and searching for love don’t forget to take care of you. Fill your life with the people and moments that matter. After all, it’s your life.  Live it up!