So many people live their life unfulfilled not achieving any of their dreams. So many people are working jobs that don’t take advantage of their skills or challenge them to grow. So many of us are in relationships, romantic or platonic, feeling trapped and too afraid to end it.

Along this journey called life, I fell into every one of those categories. The common denominator for each category is fear. Fear will paralyze the strongest, smartest, most confident person you know. Fear will hold you back unless you learn how to use it to your benefit.

Acknowledge the fear you’re having and put a name on it. The fear I struggled with the most is fear of failure, more specifically, failure of not succeeding.

Failures are a part of life and is necessary for achieving success. Conquering failure is to confront it and learn from it. Like most of us, I’ve had several failures in my life but today I’m sharing only two and the lessons learned.

Failure #1: Flunked out of Law School

The earliest memory of wanting to grow up and become an attorney started with the old television show Perry Mason. When I was little my mom loved Perry Mason and she’ll let me stay up late nights with her to watch the show. This time spent alone with my mom is a part of the happy memories from my childhood. I remember telling my mom one night that I was going to be a lawyer like Perry Mason. She was so happy and from that point on I told everybody that listened.


photo credit: Chaplin Studio

Lesson Learned:

Law school didn’t work out because I was there for my mom and not for me. When I was a young child I chose this profession because of a show that my mom loved so much. Law school was a way to make my mom proud of me and not really what I wanted. School has always came easy to me but for some reason I struggled with law school. Recently, I realized that maybe it was a struggle because it wasn’t a part of my purpose.

Through this experience I learned that you have to go after the dreams you have for yourself and not the dreams someone else has for you.

Failure #2: Dissolved my Photography business before it got started

Do you know someone who absolutely hates to take pictures? Well I’m not that person because I’m the queen of selfies. No you will not find 1000 selfies on my Instagram but you will find them in my phone. For someone who grew up hiding their body you cannot keep me out of a mirror! So starting a photography business was a no brainer for me.


photo credit: LaKitia Woodard

Lesson Learned:

After the first year of my photography business I shut it down due to lack of passion. The more and more I was behind the camera the more I missed being in front of it and the desire to do it dwindled. Needless to say, I did not have a passion of being behind the camera but in front of the camera either by myself or with other people.

Through this experience, I learned that the next business venture must derive from my deepest passion. No passion equals no progress which leads to wasted time. Passion gives you the drive to succeed and it keeps you hungry for success.

Now I’m the Founder and Sister Coach of A Sister’s Truth, LLC (AST). AST is a Sister Coaching business helping women to Discover, Define, and Live their Truth for manifesting a courageous life without limits. As your Sister Coach it’s my job to make sure you have the tools and encouragement needed to stay true to yourself.

The place I’m in today, failure got me here. Remember failure is only there to point us in the right direction and you have to know where you are going in order to live your best life now.


photo credit: Brother Word

So go ahead and show fear who’s the boss by pulling your best lessons out of your biggest failures!