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Bitter, angry, and sassy are just a few words that people come up with when describing a single black woman. People have their own ridiculous assumptions on why you are single once you hit a certain age. They just can’t understand why you would still be single! Now…don’t get me wrong…some of the reasons could be true for some single women, but stop putting us into one category. Speaking from a single woman’s point of view, dating is actually very hard. Below are some of the misconceptions of the Single Black Woman.

1. SINGLE WOMEN ARE DESPERATE: This reason comes up a lot. People are so biased when it comes to online dating, they feel you are doing it because you are desperate. However, it is actually the most convenient way to date. Then you have some married women thinking that single women are so desperate that they will try to take their man. But guess what…we aren’t. We don’t want your man. We would much rather have our own.

2. SINGLE WOMEN ARE LONELY AND MISERABLE: I have heard this come up too many times when I tell a guy I am uninterested in him. They will then try to mind F*ck you to think that because you are single and not dealing with them, that you will be miserable and lonely. No boo, I will be at peace and unbothered.

3. SINGLE WOMEN ARE EASY AND HAVE NO MORALS: This one goes hand and hand with being lonely. People think that you will sleep with anyone. Nah, believe it or not, we have standards. We don’t just stay open for anyone to come inside. Half the time we are celibate waiting for that special zone


4. SINGLE WOMEN MUST BE CRAZY: Men think that because you are alone and have been alone for a long time that you must be some kind of crazy. Something has to be wrong with you. A lot of times we just know exactly what we are looking for. We know the red flags and simply dismiss what we do not want! We don’t have time for the bull anymore and would rather just be alone.

5. SINGLE WOMEN ARE TOO INDEPENDENT: Men think that if a woman is INDEPENDENT they won’t have a need or a want for a man. FALSE! Even though a woman is independent she still wants to have the role of a woman. She wants the man to be the head of the household.

Single women are not crazy. We are just waiting for our Mr. Right. We will not settle for anything less. Next time you describe a single woman, try using words like “patient”, “resilient”, and “happy”. We are just out here preparing to be someone’s wife. ☺

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