In any relationship, day nights are essential. Day night allows you and your significant other time to unplug from the world and your daily responsibilities of mom, sister, friend, entrepreneur, employer etc. and reconnect with your partner. Although date nights are very much a necessity, they may not always show up on the budget sheet that way. In the midst of other financial obligations, date nights can quickly find themselves scratched from the agenda.  Guess what? They don’t have to be. Here are a few Summer date night ideas for under $50!


Before you think this is a cliché idea, hear me out. A picnic is a great cost effective date and it is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with Bae. Head to your local grocery store and pick up some nibbles and wine. A small fruit and cheese platter is perfect and can usually be purchased for less than $10; $15 max. While you’re at your local grocer, pick up a bottle of wine. A common misconception is that good wine is expensive. WRONG!! A lot of grocery stores have great wine selections for under $10. (Trader Joe’s is my fav but the same can be found at Publix and WalMart. To jump start conversation, incorporate a game of “This or That” into your picnic. “This or That,” is a game where you ask each other questions on preference. For example, apples or oranges or pillow talk or cuddling and a movie before bed. This game can be as deep and intimate as you guys would like it to. This game provides a fun and less formal way to reconnect and learn more about your significant other. No matter how long you’ve been together, we as people are forever evolving. Don’t ever stop learning about each other, that is the quickest and easiest way to outgrow your significant other.

Romantic Dinner at Home

Dinner dates are my absolute favorite thing to do because it includes two things I love most, food and my man. Despite my love for them, dinner dates can get expensive. A more cost-effective twist is to prepare dinner at home with your love. Again, hit your local grocery story and grab dinner for two; don’t forget the wine. Send Bae a sexy invite and enjoy a fun romantic evening just the two of you preparing dinner together. Dress up your kitchen table with a nice tablecloth or sheet (budget friendly, yet effective), dim the lights and add candles. If you have children, ask a family member or a friend to take them for a couple of hours, just be sure to return the babysitting favor when they’re in need.

Festivals, Summer Live Music

With the Summer upon us, there is a plethora of summer festivals and inexpensive Summer concert series happening all over on any given day of the week. These are good date night options that won’t break the bank. Try looking for Summer concert series that consist of live music by cover bands in your local parks; these typically run about $10 dollars a ticket with some being free. Best part of all, you can bring your own food and libations.

With these budget-friendly date night ideas, there’s no reason why you can’t afford to take some time to reconnect with Bae.