S Factor 6 x 9 Front (1)

1.Introduce yourself.

A native to Atlanta, Georgia, Ashley Lounds-Brooks is the creator of the Live By Faith brand, an author and business strategist that specializes in helping millennial women start successful businesses using a 7 step system. She is passionate about her faith and helping people. Her life reflects that. She is the founder of a nonprofit organization CLASSIC (Christian Ladies Altogether Standing Against Social Injustice Corporation), owner of a Christian apparel company 1st Kings Apparel and creator of the Live by Faith app and brand (www.livebyfaithbrand.com). Her ultimate goal is to be an example of living a fulfilling life while serving God.


  1. What is your book about?

The S Factor was specifically written to help women to grow as virtual women of Christ by looking at, first and foremost, one’s self. The S Factor features practical Christian principles to discover one’s most innermost strength, talent, skills and strategies. What makes this book stand out from other self-help books is that Ms. Lounds-Brooks provides the reality of the Christian walk.- “Some days you don’t feel like being saved!” She doesn’t just give you a list of dos and don’ts but helps you to realize and understand the reason behind it all. As you discover practical ways to live a fulfilling life, you’ll experience something even more amazing….your self-worth and faith will increase too

  1. What inspired you to write the book?

While attending college, I saw young ladies getting pregnant and some dropping out of school. I wanted the women to know their worth and that they are greater than their situations and surroundings. It was through me having a relationship with Christ that my self-worth increased and I wanted the same for others.

  1. What is the overall message that you want the audience to gain?

I want women to know that it’s not OK to judge your worth based off of the attention you get from men. Every single woman is valuable and is worth the wait but they have to believe it. There’s nothing wrong with being single and is not a reflection of your worth!

  1. What three life principles you would give to a young woman?

-Comparison is the thief of joy. Meaning don’t compare yourself to other people. There is no like you because you are the only one. So do you to the best of your ability.

-Compromise is the beginning of mediocrity. Meaning don’t lower your standards in order to fit in.

-Make work like play and play hard! Meaning enjoy what you do.

  1. How do you define success?

Success varies from person to person, so the overall definition of success is setting your goals and achieving them. Success for me is to have a fulfilling life, traveling, encouraging people, health, wealth, and joy!

  1. What has inspired you the most to pursue your goals?

Seeing the struggle of mom has inspired me. We didn’t have it financially but I didn’t know that until I got older. My mom’s goal for me and my brother was for us to graduate college without kids, lol. I’ve met that goal and I desire more. Being around like minded people who are goal oriented helps tremendously as well.  I get my tenacity from my mom… and my drive from my dad.


  1. Which influential woman has inspired you the most in your life?

Wow, there are so many women I admire who have defeated all odds to get the success that they have today. However, how I desire to be an embodiment of Coretta Scott King and Maya Angelo.  Two strong women who have both faced great odds. Wise in their words and deeds who have helped and encouraged so many people. Two great women who have left a legacy. I desire to one day achieve that.

  1. What is the best advice you have ever received?

Oddly the best advice I received was when I was on the verge of quitting a job. I confided in my manager. Instead of trying to convenience me to stay, he simply told me to remember my purpose. That triggered my to remember that this job isn’t my everything and I have so much more to offer the world. So whenever I need to make a tough decision, I reflect upon my purpose and ask myself, ‘Does this serve my purpose?’


  1. How can readers follow your road to success?

Download the Live By Faith App. You can chat with me, purchase my products, stay current with my events and watch me live.