Letting go of something or someone you love has to be one of the hardest challenges one could potentially deal with especially publicly.  This isn’t only due to the attachment or bond two people share either. Some may think it’s the attachment. Truthfully, it’s the decision you’ve made to voluntarily end or alter something beyond your control. Someone has done something that’s disrespectful to you and all you stand for. When we’re not given a choice we adjust; but when we have choices we play safe. Staying somewhere you know you don’t belong is the saddest and essentially most harmful situation you could be in. Why? Because you cease to care about yourself. Taking care of you is no longer considered an option.  It’s absolutely painful to watch heartbreak. It’s ugly because dirty laundry is aired, no one cares about feelings, and unfortunately the entire world has an opinion. We are better off signing up for the humiliation because if we’re not careful we’ll find ourselves judged by many when only a few knew what happened anyway.

When avoiding heartbreak be sure to know your significant other for who they are, not what they do.

Remember. there’s no need to change a person or mold them into something they aren’t. Often, we miss the signs because we’re trying to try something new. People aren’t experiments. They’re people with real problems and real pain. Don’t be oblivious to that.

Lastly, consider the signs and your friends’ input. Sometimes, we want to be independent and try something new. Our family & friends know us well. They know what we refuse to see. It pays to listen to the advice of the circle. You never know what they’re saving you from.