Summer Fun

If you haven’t noticed summer is here! Consider this the best time to connect with your little ones after a hectic school year.  Although it’s July there is still time to get tons of fun in.

We love this time of year.  The adventure seems to turn up a few notches and great memories are made.

Here are some easy ways to connect

Summer connect

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Summer Syllabus

Make a fun chart or calendar outlining your summer plans. Whether it’s a camp they will be attending, family reunions/vacation or just fun around the city.

Get creative with magazines, stickers and construction paper then discuss fun things you can do.

Have fun looking up new ways to explore your own city.  Some great staycation ideas are going to the  parks, visiting a museum or even having outdoor water play in your backyard.   The possibilities are endless.

summer connect

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Fun with Food

Make a meal together.  It doesn’t just have to be dinner.  Do this at least one day per week.  Sit at the table and enjoy it over good conversation.

Summer Connect

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Get unplugged

Have dedicated time without your electronics.  You will be amazed at how much these devices can take up  great family time.  I have learned that in order for my child to “unplug,” I need to do the same.  It’s kind of hard to tell him no iPad time if I am sitting right beside him on my phone too.  Guilty as charged.

Make this time fun so you can see the great benefits of putting them down. Some fun ideas could be playing a family board game or taking a walk around the block.  These small things can have a big impact and connect in a great way.

Summer Connect

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School Year Goals

Towards the end of the summer create a list of goals you both want to attain when school is in session.  When you both connect on your goals it can show the little ones that you are just like them only bigger 🙂

Some goals could be in the classroom, sports or even things around the house.  This is a good way to make sure things start off on the right foot for the school year.

No matter what your plans are for the rest of the summer.  Keep in mind the importance of taking advantage of the downtime to connect with not only your children but other loved ones too!  Warm weather seems to bring out the fun in many so go out and have it.

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Until Next Time 🙂