Over the past weekend, I had the pleasure of being apart of an awesome panel for The Relationship Symposium hosted by Kingdom Minded Ministries in Richmond, Virginia. Among which relationship guru Terry Deron was one of the distinguished panelists.


Ladies, could we be over complicating dating? It’s definitely a possibility. After the conversation I had with him, I knew that the #SingleWifeLife community needed this as well. Here are some takeaways about dating from Terry Deron’s latest book,  It’s Not That Complicated: How Real Men Feel About Sex, Love, & Relationships.


Never go into a dating situation under the wrong assumption.

By doing so, it’s only a setup for a potential let down. Allow a space to have that conversation about where he sees you in his future when the time is right. Don’t start thinking about the wedding ceremony and last name changes after only a few dates. Relationships are a process, so be cool. He must know that you two have that compatibility factor for the long term. Men go into dating differently than we do. He may simply enjoy your companionship. However, when a woman has sex thinking that will base his decision to take it to the next level, this can potentially lead to heartbreak. Be mutually clear to avoid diving into the wrong assumption. A woman can never assume how a man feels without communication.


With a man, everything is a “let’s see what happens” attitude.

It must be a positive interaction. Dates should be fun, not a job interview. Men fall in love for all of the positive attributes in a woman. Just as you are assessing your likes and dislikes about the man, so is he to you. As long as the woman isn’t doing the most to drive him away, it can develop into something more.


Cheating doesn’t equate to love.

Let’s be clear. The love that he has for her may prevent him from acting on sexual impulses. It doesn’t necessarily prevent them from having them. Men and women cheat for various reasons. For a man, it could be getting his ego stroked or the newness of another woman that intrigues him.


Men are simple creatures.

Situations from either side can make it complicated. Men are visual. The physical attributes that initially made him interested in you should be maintained during the course of a relationship. They want someone who is uplifting, supportive, great at solving problems with a pleasant personality. Love can never grow in a hostile environment.


Men aren’t that complicated.

They just view dating, sex, and relationships differently. A real man matches up with not only words but with actions. That’s all.


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